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Radixx unveils new Radixx Insight solution in partnership with Globetom at its global User Conference

Posted October 23, 2019

ORLANDO, Fla. – Oct. 23, 2019 – Today, Radixx hosted its annual User Conference, introducing its global airline customers to Radixx Insight, the latest product to join the Radixx suite of airline reservations and intelligence software. The solution was created in partnership with Globetom, a leader in agile business technology.

Radixx Insight is an analytics and revenue optimization platform that enables airlines to leverage data to increase the effectiveness of their retailing and improve the efficiency of their operations. By providing comprehensive views of the customer lifecycle with timely recommendations, the Radixx Insight platform promotes adaptive decision making, helping airlines be more competitive in the marketplace.

“We are excited to work with Globetom to offer our airline partners a world-class product that enables optimized operations,” said Mike Barrera, chief product officer at Radixx. “This technology partnership strongly addresses our customers’ need for powerful analytics and revenue optimization platform.”

Hosted on the cloud, Radixx Insight empowers airlines by transmitting data from multiple third parties into one automated system for report generation and delivery. The solutions’ cloud-based systems for mobile and desktop devices ensure that airlines will always have access to their data, enabling them to remain adaptable in a changing marketplace. Technical and business metrics can be viewed in a single point-of-access portal, equipped with over 70 reports to provide a focused scope for decision making.

“The Radixx partnership is a key milestone for Globetom as we continue to grow our marketings,” said Philip Stander, managing director at Globetom. “We have been most impressed with Radixx’s culture of customer focus and innovation in the aviation sector. The use of our Orcha iPaas platform in the cloud to deliver an XaaS for customers with a focus on integration and information as a service is a key strategic focus for GLobetom. We look forward to the journey with Radixx to add value to their growing customer base.”

Backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the solution will continue to evolve and become an even more powerful tool at the fingertips of agile airlines across the globe. The mission of Radixx Insight aims to optimize an airline’s problem-solving at the core. With Radixx Insight, airline partners are empowered to take data-informed actions and gain greater insights into their customers and business.

About Radixx

Founded in 1993, Radixx International, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida, combines an innovative technology approach with unique partnership models enabling airlines of all sizes and business models to be effective retailers and efficient operators. Radixx caters to LCC and ULCC airlines, including the support of GDS distribution. Radixx offers a world-class Internet Booking Engine, Radixx ezyCommerce, a cloud-based Passenger Services System, Radixx Res, and a leading Departure Services Suite, Radixx Go, uniquely designed to enable airlines to increase their profitability and maximize productivity through expanded distribution services. Since 2016, has delivered their sixth-generation, micro-services-based passenger service system. Radixx is a Sabre company. For more information on Radixx, please visit our website at www.Radixx.com.

About Globetom™

Globetom™ develops products and solutions that help businesses build, deploy, and monetize services in the cloud. Their key market offerings include Enterprise Middleware, a SOA Application Platform, Prepaid Management and Distribution, Billing, Loyalty, Customer Centricity, and Business Intelligence.

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