Radixx Launches Inspiring Well-Being Program to Provide Wellness Offerings Through Innovation

Posted January 29, 2019

Each year, “get fit” is at the top of most people’s New Year’s goals. Orlando-based airline retailing software provider, Radixx, is beginning their year with an emphasis on just that. As part of their global headquarter move to downtown, the company is launching a Well-Being Program bringing focus to areas such as work-life balance, optimized nutrition, and employee mental and physical health.

A key part of the Radixx Well-Being Program is urging employees to take needed time for themselves to grow productivity and efficiency. The company is offering wellness perks such as daily team walks, gym reimbursements, and standing desks to help their team members stick to their physical and mental health-related goals. As part of the modern design, Radixx offers a Wellness Room where employees may recharge and tend to their personal needs. In addition, they have redesigned their personal time off policy.

At the crown of this launch is Nick Wilson, Chief of Staff at Radixx. Mr. Wilson states, “Leading up to the official launch of the Radixx Well-Being Program our thinking was simple, happy and healthy team members will be more productive and efficient in their everyday work and personal lives. Our goal is to create an environment where team members can have some fun while working at a job they are passionate about.”

Another aspect of the Radixx Well-Being Program is consciousness of their corporate footprint. The company has eliminated the use of plastic water bottles in their headquarters by replacing them with plastic-less hydration stations and has implemented employee mass transit incentives. Next, Radixx is implementing equipment recycling processes and promises to engage with local businesses for every day needs as much as possible.

As 2019 begins, Radixx is increasing its investment in integrating employee wellness into working life as a fundamental step to building productive and efficient teams.