Radixx Go Touch Modernizes an Age-Old Industry

Posted February 28, 2019

Radixx is proud to announce, Radixx Go Touch™, the latest mobile offering to their Radixx Go™ departure services suite. Radixx Go™ is a cloud-based departure services suite that provides airlines with innovative mobile and self-service features. Their technology has proven to increase ancillary revenues in the airport, enhance the passenger experience, and significantly reduce passenger handling costs at airlines across the globe.

The mobile features of Radixx Go Touch™ have created a brand-new high capacity handling channel that frees airline agents from their traditional roles behind the check-in counter. With Radixx Go Touch™, agents are free from the confines of desks and airline operations are no longer limited to only the airport. At all customer touchpoints including hotels, airlines are freely enabled to scan passports for APIS, print bag tags and boarding passes, and upsell ancillaries. The added flexibility to purchase an upgraded seat or meal selection, even after security, is increasing airline ancillary revenues and enhancing the overall passenger experience.

The launch of Radixx Go Touch™ comes as an answer to the trend towards a “smart travel” experience. As the passenger demand for a data-rich and personalized experience increases, Radixx Go Touch™ places the passenger at the center of that travel experience. Radixx airline partners in South Africa, Argentina, and Chile have launched Radixx Go Touch™ in their home markets with plans to roll it out to additional stations this year.

“We have seen a positive response from our airline partners using Radixx Go. Our technology is modern in its design, efficient in reducing airport costs, and effective in increasing airline retail revenue. The airlines are happier, and their passengers are happier.” said Mike Barrera, Chief Product Officer at Radixx.

Jorge Mujica, Chief Information Officer at SKY Airline said “We are excited about our launch of this technology as it has accelerated the check in process and all activity that usually occurs at the airport. The airport is a place where we are always very active and where we are inspired to give the best attention to our passengers. This technology includes baggage check at any location which allows for the shortest possible delays and check in time.”

Radixx Go Touch™ is reshaping the customer journey in the highly competitive aviation market through its proven ability to improve passenger queues, reduce operational costs, increase flexibility and ancillary revenues, and optimize aircraft turnaround time.

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