Radixx Discusses How Airlines Can Use Technology to Monetize Each Customer Touch Point

Posted November 6, 2018

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, Radixx (the “Company”), market leader in airline technology solutions, Radixx, attended the T2RL PSS18 Conference in London on 2 – 4 October 2018. Chief Product Officer, Mike Barrera, was invited to participate on a panel to discuss the evolution of the PSS in delivering omni-channel merchandizing solutions. The panel was titled “Merchandizing and Retailing, Inside or Outside the PSS.”

Interviewed by Bert Craven, Chief Research Officer at T2RL, the panel focused on the evolving Passenger Services Systems (PSS) offerings. Today, differentiating the offer is critical to airlines as they increase their focus towards the technology they require to become top retailers in their industry.

Retailing success requires different thinking across the organization to properly leverage the modern technology platforms being released. Traditional technology labels are evaporating with new platforms powering omni-channel retail while maintaining traditional distribution and operational models. The maturation of this trend will make retailing and merchandizing an inherent part of the modern PSS.” stated Mr. Barrera.

To keep up with the demands of the compared-shopping experience that the modern-day consumer seeks, airlines need a PSS that allows them flexibility in their business model and what and where they choose to differentiate their offer. The Radixx Res™ next generation solution supports ticketed and ticketless business models, catering to the needs of traditional, ultra-low cost, low-cost, and hybrid airlines. The solution’s advanced ancillary pricing engine supports sales through all distribution channels and encompasses shopping and service delivery, as well as revenue tracking and reporting down to the segment level. Mr. Barrera explained that through the use of innovative technology, the modern-day passenger is able to make their booking, paying only for the services they want to receive.

Mr. Barrera concluded, “The business needs of innovative carriers are evolving at the most rapid pace in years. Traditional conventions are being thrown out the window. Very traditional carriers are adopting low cost, direct distribution business models while low-cost carriers are expanding their reach through traditional methods. To fully support this new model, the traditional definition of the PSS must change. A comprehensive retail transformation requires that an airline have a core system that facilitates retailing at every consumer interaction from the inspiration to throughout the passenger journey and beyond.


Founded in 1993, Radixx International, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida, combines an innovative technology approach with unique partnership models enabling airlines of all sizes and business models to be effective retailers and efficient operators. Radixx offers a world-class, browser-based Passenger Services System, Internet Booking Engine, and Departure Services Suite, designed to enable airlines to increase their profitability and maximize productivity through expanded distribution services. Since 2016, has delivered their sixth-generation, micro-services based passenger service system. Radixx hosts over 35 airlines across six continents. For more information, visit www.radixx.com


The Global Aviation Festival is an award-winning conference that has grown to become one of the largest and most established conferences in aviation and travel today. This year, the festival held its 15th annual gathering. Over 120 global airlines were represented including Radixx airline partners: WOW air, Air India Express, FastJet, Sky Airline, Evelop Airlines, and Small Planet.