Radixx Announces Acquisition of EZY

Merger Creates New Standard in Airline Retail Merchandizing

ORLANDO, Fl. – November 9, 2016 – Radixx International, an industry-leading provider of airline reservation, distribution and merchandizing systems, announced it has acquired EZY, a Swedish-based technology provider specializing in airline IT and Web solutions. EZY and Radixx have already been working together for over six years and are jointly providing their systems to twenty-one airlines worldwide. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

“EZY has a unique combination of cutting edge design and industry expertise,” said Ron Peri, CEO of Radixx. “EZY’s emphasis has been on building the best retail merchandizing platform in the industry. Radixx has focused on building the best Passenger Services System platform. The marriage of the two companies will result in extraordinary synergy and accelerated growth.”

According to Fredrik Klarqvist, CEO of EZY, “At EZY, we have always focused on bridging the gap between the complexity of the travel industry and the specialist knowledge of an IT-consultant. Through this union, we are confident that airlines operating in the competitive global marketplace will benefit from our combined capabilities, and see greatly enhanced revenues.”

”EZY and Radixx have worked together succesfully for many years and are excited to formalize our long-term relationship,” said Janne Nordlander, Chairman and co-founder of EZY. ”The combination of EZY and Radixx will significantly expand airlines’ online sales and airlines’ ability to sell ancillaries.”

About Radixx International

Radixx International, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is now delivering its sixth-generation passenger service system. Galaxy PSS is the first full web-native system that can be deployed in any public or private data center and has been certified to operate from the smallest cloud applications to the largest mainframe environments. Galaxy provides a customizable, complete, enterprise system that caters to the needs of hybrid, low-cost and traditional airlines, including support for interlining, code sharing and distribution through GDS. Founded in 1993 and now hosting 50 airlines on six continents, Radixx’s fully integrated, cloud-based solutions support all airline business models. Radixx recently partnered with TA Associates, a leading global growth private equity firm. For more information, visit www.radixx.com

About EZY

With its background in the travel trade and focus on customers within the travel industry, EZY has acquired extensive experience and knowledge about the online travel business. EZY’s solutions are developed and evaluated in cooperation with airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, cruise lines etc. EZY strives to bridge the gap between the complexity of the travel industry and the specialist knowledge of an IT-consultant and has the ambition to be an effective and reliable partner, actively contributing to the development of the online travel business. EZY is highly committed to ensuring the success of their customers via the implementation of new technology and by never abandoning the conviction that progress will never slow down. For more information, visit www.ezyflight.aero