New Graphical Flight Route Editing Tool Highlights Sabre Flight Explorer’s Professional Version 9.0

SOUTHLAKE, Texas (Feb. 5, 2009) — Sabre Airline Solutions today announced the release of Sabre Flight Explorer Professional Edition 9.0, which features system enhancements that will help airlines determine the most efficient route around weather events and airspace constraints to help pre-empt delays and maximize fuel savings.

Sabre Flight Explorer Professional Edition 9.0 features a powerful and versatile graphical route editing tool, enhanced route analyzer, drawing object functionality that includes “avoidance” regions, and a new fuel on-board range ring feature that recognizes a static reserve fuel amount.

The new graphical editing tool, part of Sabre Flight Explorer’s Aircraft Situation Display (ASD) system, enables flight dispatchers to graphically manipulate a route, or series of routes, to quickly determine the best possible route. Additionally, this feature supports Rubber Banding, which recognizes any Fix/NAVAID/Airport on-screen within the current view.

Sabre Flight Explorer Professional is the industry’s most accurate, reliable and widely-used ASD. The system goes beyond “flight tracking” by incorporating multiple data feeds, dynamic weather overlays, situational alerts and forecast weather and air traffic management tools to make Sabre Flight Explorer Professional an essential flight operations management tool.

“Version 9.0 really enhances a dispatcher’s ability to utilize Sabre Flight Explorer as a pre-flight and enroute graphical flight planning and management tool,” said Ilia Kostov, vice president of Operations Solutions for Sabre Airline Solutions. “Our customers will experience operational efficiencies and fuel savings with this new solution – critical needs for every air carrier.”

Key Version 9.0 additions include:

• Graphical Route Editing – Graphical Route Editing enables flight dispatchers to quickly determine and efficiently re-route traffic due to unexpected weather, congested regions, and temporarily restricted airspace. Users can now graphically manipulate up to 20 routes on screen. This is also known as Rubber Banding and provides users the ability to “snap” to any Fix/NAVAID/Airport that is on screen within the current view when graphically manipulating the route, removing the need to know the specific latitude/longitude of a Fix/NAVAID/Airport.

• Fuel On-Board Range Ring Reserve Fuel Enhancement – FE Professional now includes both the current fuel on-board amount and a static reserve fuel amount as defined by the user’s configurations to the existing fuel on-board range ring functionality. The fuel on-board range ring tool calculates the size of the range rings so that they reflect the distance the aircraft can travel based on the amount of fuel left on board. This feature will enable flight dispatchers to quickly determine if a flight will have the required fuel on board to safely reach its planned destination or if it will instead need to divert to an alternative airport.

Sabre Flight Explorer Professional 9.0 also brings with it updates to key data sources, as well as other enhancements in response to requests from Sabre Flight Explorer’s global customer base. These include Route Analyzer enhancements, drawing objects avoidance regions, ability to export drawing objects and more.

Sabre Flight Explorer will soon be fully integrated with Sabre’s Dispatch Manager, part of Sabre Airline Solutions’ Flight Planning suite. The integration of the two systems will provide airlines a solution that will give them access to critical, real-time operational information and world-class flight plan optimization, helping pre-empt delays, among other benefits.


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