Leading Canadian travel management company extends technology partnership with Sabre

  TORONTO — April 9, 2013 – Canada’s largest independently owned travel management company is taking steps for its next wave of growth, including recently extending its technology partnership with Sabre. As you might expect from a company with “vision” in its name, Vision 2000 is constantly looking toward the future. “Deploying the most advanced technology is essential for our growth plans,” said Arend Roos, chief executive officer of Vision 2000. “And Sabre plays a central role in our technology strategy. Our business and industry are rapidly evolving, and Sabre provides the most advanced and flexible technology to help keep our business a step ahead.” Vision 2000, with nearly 600 travel professionals from coast to coast, saw its revenues grow by 15 percent during the past year to reach C$575 million, and the company is working to ensure the positive results continue. Through its technology partnership with Sabre, the travel management company uses the Sabre Red total travel solution to serve its 640 business clients as well as its predominately high-end leisure travelers. Designed to help win and retain customers as well as capture more revenue on more sales, Sabre Red provides Vision 2000 the most advanced and flexible set of products and services to help all areas of its business, including:
  • An intelligent agent workspace that delivers relevant content within an agent’s workflow,
  • A leading corporate travel solution,
  • A comprehensive customer relationship management system.
Sabre’s technology has been recognized by InformationWeek and Travel Weekly as the best in the travel industry. Vision 2000 is also supported by the industry’s best service, with the Sabre Global Customer Service Center receiving the highest scores in the industry for customer satisfaction. “We have a long and successful partnership with Sabre, and we believe our continuing relationship will help us achieve our customer service and financial goals,” Roos said.