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Kenya Airways selects Sabre AirCentre Enterprise Operations

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Aug. 11, 2009 – Kenya Airways has chosen Sabre AirCentre Enterprise Operations solution as part of its efforts to reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance its customers’ experience.

The airline selected Sabre because of its comprehensive portfolio of solutions and the positive impact they will have on the carrier’s operations.

Sabre AirCentre is a comprehensive next-generation solution that enables airlines to seamlessly and efficiently manage operations, particularly during disruptions.

Leading Sabre AirCentre capabilities the airline will use include complete reaccommodation management, advanced load management, and best-in-class airport operations and crew management. Kenya Airways will increase its ability to swiftly re-book passengers during operational disruptions, maximize payload, reduce fuel consumption, and optimize routes at the lowest operating cost. Additionally, the airline will be able to schedule crews more quickly and efficiently, and improve planning and management of airport staff and ground equipment.

In addition to Sabre AirCentre, Kenya Airways has selected more from the Sabre Airline Solutions portfolio. They will implement Sabre AirPrice to significantly increase revenues by accelerating the airline’s response to competitive fare initiatives and to provide their analysts with a solution to manage their networks instead of just their markets. The carrier will also use from this solution, unique contract management capabilities to allow sales offices around the world to submit fare recommendations to headquarters offices for analysis, modification, approval and distribution.

“Sabre will provide Kenya Airways the most comprehensive set of solutions for the critical parts of their operations,” said Ilia Kostov, vice president of Sabre Airline Solutions’ Airline Operations. “Sabre AirCentre Enterprise Operations is based on flexible and adaptable technology so airlines can tailor solutions to best meet their needs and the demands of a dynamic marketplace.”

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