Jet Airways Selects Sabre Airline Solutions Scheduling Suite; Major Indian Airline Selects Planning and Scheduling Systems from Sabre Airline Solutions to Maintain Competitive Edge

2006–Sabre Airline Solutions today announced that Jet Airways, the
domestic market leader, has chosen Sabre AirFlite Schedule Manager and
Sabre AirFlite Fleet Manager to enhance its flight planning and
scheduling decision-making capabilities.

Schedule Manager enables Jet Airways to tightly manage its flight
schedule and code share flights — an essential requirement in today’s
international aviation environment. Fleet Manager enables Jet Airways
to optimally allocate its fleet to meet “close-in” market demand and
choose the best routes and flights to improve total network

“Making informed decisions around flight scheduling is an
essential part of any airline — and Jet Airways is no exception.
Using Schedule Manager, we will be able to build, visualize, edit and
distribute our flight schedules more quickly and easily than before,”
said Mr. Anthony D’sa, general manager, planning. “In fact, as we look
to significantly expand our fleet and network destinations over the
next two years and beyond, we will be using these new applications and
processes from Sabre Airline Solutions to better optimize our

He added, “The other practical benefit of Schedule Manager is the
way it can automate the management of code-share flights. As a result,
it will be easier to expand the size and number of code-share
agreements, thereby driving increased revenue for us.”

Andrew Powell, regional vice president, Sabre Airline Solutions,
said, “We are committed to supporting the incredible success story at
Jet Airways. As their business continues to expand and diversify into
the international arena, we will deliver the airline application
solutions that Jet Airways needs to remain at the cutting edge of the
Indian aviation market.”

“Sixteen airlines across Asia Pacific are now running the Sabre
AirFlite Planning and Scheduling Suite to manage their networks with
Jet Airways becoming the first carrier in India to join this growing
community,” Powell said. “Jet Airways will now be in a position to
evaluate more options and make quicker decisions about its network and
schedules, which constantly need to be adapted to shifts in market
demand. The ability to adapt quickly to the constant shifts in market
demand closer to day of operations will give Jet Airways a competitive

Sabre Airline Solutions provides Jet Airways with multiple
integrated solutions including: passenger solutions, flight
operations, revenue management and now scheduling and network
planning, which ultimately means that more departments across the
airline are better informed with up-to-date information from other
areas of the business. Decision making and operational processes are
now quicker and easier through the partnership with Sabre Airline

Sabre Airline Solutions has invested millions of dollars in the
redesigning of the AirFlite suite to an open integrated architecture,
enabling better usability, integration and decision support. The
contract with Jet Airways is another sign of the continuing interest
in this “state-of-the-art” application suite.

About Sabre Airline Solutions

Sabre Airline Solutions, a Sabre Holdings company, is the world’s
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More than 200 airlines use its broad portfolio of decision-support
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More than 500 contracts worldwide were signed in 2004 for Sabre
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