Jet Airways Advances Travel Capabilities in India With Selection of Technology Suite From Sabre Airline Solutions

Indian Market Leader Chooses SabreSonic, the Industry’s First New Generation Solution for Reservations and Passenger Management, as Part of Comprehensive Operational Technology Package

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, May 5 /PRNewswire/ — Sabre Airline Solutions today announced a five-year contract with Jet Airways — the Indian domestic market leader — that will take Jet Airways to new heights in the competitive sub- continent. By implementing the technology package from Sabre Airline Solutions, Jet Airways will have one of the most comprehensive and integrated solutions in the industry. The airline will become the first airline in India and one of the first in the industry to leverage the industry’s first new generation solution for reservations and passenger management, including the introduction of both e-ticketing and internet booking services revolutionizing the Indian domestic and international market.

The Indian marketplace is set for huge growth in 2004, with the recent approval of e-ticketing and Internet booking by the Indian government and limited access to international flights for the four domestic carriers only recently granted. With such growth opportunities among the world’s second largest population (1 billion+), Jet Airways will need the competitive edge to extend its lead over its competitors.

By selecting SabreSonic for the five-year contract, the full service carrier has signaled a significant endorsement of the continued leadership of Sabre Airline Solutions’ product suites in today’s airline management arena.

“It is our intention to have a long-term and continued relationship with Sabre Airline Solutions,” said Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, CEO, Jet Airways. “Beyond the value of the SabreSonic suite which includes the e-ticketing capability with which we will revolutionize the Indian marketplace, Sabre Airline Solutions has an integrated suite of offerings that can help us automate our business more smartly and can help us to increase our market share and profitability.”

Also included in the technology agreement is the deployment of Sabre AirMax Revenue Manager, which is the first revenue management hosted sale to any Indian airline, and represents the debut in India of the Sabre eMergo Web- enabled solution, Sabre Airline Solutions’ applications service provider (ASP) model. Jet Airways also has deployed Sabre Airline Solutions’ leading Flight Operating System for daily movement control and flight planning functions.

The announcement comes as Sabre Airline Solutions extends its presence in India through the opening of offices in Mumbai and the appointment of Graeme Moorhouse as Regional Director.

“The Indian Market is poised for significant growth over the coming years after recent government de-regulation,” said Moorhouse. “We intend to leverage our position as global leader in innovative airline solutions to help the Indian aviation industry best maximize this opportunity. Through Sabre Airline Solutions’ market-leading products, Jet Airways has been able to quickly maximize the recent deregulation of e-ticketing in India, steeling a march on its competition.”

Jet will also benefit from the customer service potential and marketing campaigns that will be possible through the customer relationship management options they selected as part of the SabreSonic offering.

    Jet Airways' portfolio of Sabre Airline Solutions products now includes:

     SabreSonic passenger management solution suite
     --  SabreSonic Res -- offering advanced reservations management
         capabilities for airlines of all sizes around the world.  This
         capability provides carriers the ability to grow revenue efficiently
         and manage every channel of distribution.  The offering includes the
         industry's leading online booking engine, along with shopping,
         ticketing and codeshare capabilities all managed from a single, easy-
         to-use graphical user interface (GUI).

     --  SabreSonic Check-In -- enabling both efficient passenger processing
         and a customer-centric focus both on and off airport.  This suite
         will help Jet Airways streamline operations and enhance the customer
         travel experience.  Capabilities in this suite include check-in, re-
         accommodation and automated fee collection capabilities, all managed
         from a single, easy-to-use GUI.

     --  SabreSonic Web -- a complete, fully hosted online booking tool that
         will enable Jet Airways to most efficiently display and sell -. at
         anytime, from anywhere -. the carrier's products over the Internet as
         well as those of selected travel partners such as other airlines and
         car and hotel providers.  Travelers can see their flight options
         online and search for the schedule or fare that best meets their
         needs.  They can also make hotel and car rental reservations from the
         home page.  En route, travellers can view their itinerary, make
         changes to previous bookings, and receive real-time arrival and
         departure information on their mobile phones.

     --  SabreSonic Ticket -- will allow Jet Airways access to industry-
         leading, state-of-the-art e-ticketing functionality that eliminates
         the need to build costly systems for electronic ticket distribution
         and database maintenance.  It also offers the ability for the airline
         to establish a link to SabreSonic's universal electronic ticket hub
         that provides cost-effective, efficient connectivity between a
         carrier and its ticketing partner airlines.

       Sabre AirMax Revenue Manager

Designed to enable airlines to optimize revenue by allocating the correct seat inventory, and available as part of Sabre Airline Solutions’ eMergo ASP service, the Revenue Management system is a sophisticated and robust system that provides a flexible solution to utilize historical and current data to forecast booking activity which helps to increase the profitability of fares.

Qik-Access Developer Tool

The Qik-Access Developer Tool gives companies the flexibility to customize applications for the constantly evolving aviation business. It enables modification of the system and integration of new technology and business procedures such as customer relationship management tools and interfacing with other computing environments. The developer requires no traditional computer programming experience to perform system modification. Process experts can rapidly create and modify applications to meet changing business needs.

Flight Operating System (FOS) helps airlines effectively manage flight operations. Its real-time environment provides accurate, up-to-the-minute information on an airline’s operational status and provides a cost-effective approach for conducting airline operations in accordance with FAA/CAA/ICAO regulations.

About Sabre Airline Solutions

Sabre Airline Solutions, a Sabre Holdings company, is the world’s largest provider of software products, reservations and departure control systems and other passenger management systems, and consulting services that help airlines simplify operations and lower costs. Sabre Airline Solutions’ proven leadership is demonstrated by the growing number of airlines that leverage the technology and services: More than 200 airlines worldwide use Sabre Airline Solutions’ broad portfolio of smart solutions for decision-support tools to increase revenues and improve operations. More than 100 airlines worldwide rely on Sabre Airline Solutions for passenger management solutions, with 15 new carriers added and nine carrier renewals for SabreSonic Res advanced reservations in 2003. In addition, more than 100 clients worldwide have turned to Sabre Airline Solutions consulting group for strategic, commercial and operational consulting. More than 500 contracts worldwide were signed in 2003 within Sabre Airline Solutions.

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