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Gulf Air to Boost Cargo Revenues with Sabre Technology

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 14, 2005–Leading Middle East carrier Gulf Air has strengthened its portfolio of products from Sabre Airline Solutions with the addition of Sabre CargoMax Revenue Manager. The new technology, combined with new and improved business processes, has the potential to enhance Gulf Air’s cargo revenue. Revenue Manager will be fully implemented at Gulf Air by early 2006.

“Cargo is an increasingly important element of Gulf Air’s business, and Revenue Manager will further enable us to maximize this important revenue flow,” said Ali Murtada, vice president of business units at Gulf Air. “Revenue Manager fits perfectly with the rest of our Sabre Airline Solutions portfolio. We continue to look to our technology partner to provide technologies and tools that deliver results, from increased revenues to improved efficiency and productivity in our operations.”

Gulf Air joins a host of other leading airlines and cargo operators using Revenue Manager, including American Airlines Cargo, Cathay Pacific Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, Virgin Atlantic Cargo and United Airlines Cargo.

“With uncertain profits from passenger markets and rising demand for international air freight, cargo profitability is increasingly important to the airline industry,” said Murray Smyth, Sabre Airline Solutions’ vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “Carriers have found that if cargo capacity is not managed successfully, critical revenue opportunities could be lost.”

“In an era when revenue maximization is a top priority at the most senior levels — driven in part by increasing fuel costs and a fiercely competitive marketplace — solutions like Revenue Manager and supporting advisory services represent a major step in driving up the bottom line for the cargo business. This new system and associated business processes will deliver business tools to enable Gulf Air to enhance its cargo revenue, through better management and understanding of its cargo capacity,” added Smyth.

Revenue Manager helps to take much of the guesswork out of managing complex cargo operations so airlines can accurately plan loads for maximum revenue. The system does this in five key ways:

    --  Forecasting the capacity available for cargo -- Revenue
        Manager forecasts by market segment, equipment type, day of
        week and time of day to help accurately plan cargo loads for
        maximum revenue.

    --  Maximizing profits -- The system optimizes the allotment of
        cargo space to stations and/or agents, while online
        profitability evaluation ensures acceptance of higher-yield

    --  Improving efficiency -- The system's management reports and
        performance-monitoring tools increase productivity and support
        superior decision making by supplying efficient data analysis.

    --  Enhancing flight management -- By proactively identifying
        revenue streams and potential service failures through
        interactive flight monitoring capabilities, Revenue Manager
        improves earnings and service quality.

    --  Improving service reliability -- Optimal overbooking of cargo
        capacity considers booking behavior to capture additional
        revenue and reduce offloads.

Revenue Manager can also manage booked cargo that does not arrive at its planned destination as well as control and track bookings from a revenue perspective. The system enables product offerings and pricing decisions to be made with the most accurate information and data — adding to the ability to maximize revenue. In addition, Revenue Manager helps find the proper balance between long-haul and short-haul traffic.

Revenue Manager adds to a wide portfolio of Sabre Airline Solutions products and services successfully in use by Gulf Air. Currently, Gulf Air uses more than 20 Sabre Airline Solutions including SabreSonic for reservations, departure control, ticketing and load planning, the Sabre AirFlite Planning and Scheduling Suite for scheduling, profitability and slot management, the Sabre AirMax Revenue Manager for passenger revenue optimization, the Sabre AirOps Suite for operations and load planning, the Sabre AirCrews Crew Management Suite for crew planning, tracking and operations, the Sabre AirServ In-Flight Solutions for dining and cabin services and the Sabre CargoMax Accounting Manager for freight revenue accounting.

Gulf Air and Sabre Travel Network also formed a new joint venture, Sabre Travel Network Middle East, in early 2005 that extends the availability of the Sabre Holdings’ world-class travel products and services in the Middle East region, including bookable travel products and distribution services for travel agencies, corporations and travel suppliers in the Middle East.

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