GetThere Offers Business Travelers New Online Options For Managing Their Travel; Ability to Put a Trip on Hold is the Latest in Portfolio of New Traveler Services

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Mar 08, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) — GetThere(R), the world’s leading corporate online
booking system, now gives corporate travelers the ability to plan a
trip, and hold their seat, room and car, without making a purchase.
The ability to hold trips is the latest in a portfolio of online
services that puts more power in travelers’ hands, including hold
trips, voids, full refunds and a fully automated online ticket

GetThere data shows that on average, five percent of trips booked
in the U.S., and nearly 10 percent of trips booked abroad, are held
and never ticketed. GetThere’s new hold trips capability provides a
powerful tool for business travelers that want to lock in a trip, even
if they are not sure they will be traveling. GetThere allows travelers
to plan a trip online and then purchase the trip, or put it on hold
while they make a final decision on their travel.

The GetThere system determines how long the trip can be held based
on the rules of the different components booked, and it sends an email
to alert travelers when a held trip is going to be cancelled. If
travelers decide they want to book the trip, they can simply return to
the online site to complete the booking, or let the site automatically
cancel the trip.

Online booking is quickly becoming a preferred choice for business
travelers, but travelers who embrace self service are finding there
are still many situations that require calling an agent, which can be
inconvenient to them and expensive for their company. In the second
half of 2004, GetThere began rolling out several services that have
historically required travelers to call agents. The first set of
features included:

— Online Voids – Gives travelers the ability to cancel a trip
shortly after booking for a refund without penalty;

— Online Full Refunds – Shows travelers the value they will
receive if they opt to cancel a trip, and lets them process
the refund online;

— Online Ticket Exchange – Intelligently finds all the airline
rules to help travelers understand the cost of exchanging a
ticket for a new flight, and allows them to complete the
exchange online.

“Business travelers are constantly considering ‘what if’ scenarios
about their trips. We are putting much more data in front of them, to
help in their decision making, and then giving them the tools to take
action,” said Bev Heinritz, general manager of GetThere. “Hold trips
rounds out a portfolio of new options that make a company’s online
site the ultimate resource for travelers. The end result is empowered
travelers who book online, which helps reduce their company’s travel

Hold Trips: Key for business travelers and company cost savings

Historically, business travel has differed from leisure travel in
one key way – frequently changing plans. Business travelers who book a
trip online often find within 24 hours, that their plans require
changes due to customer demands or other unforeseen circumstances. As
a result, the traveler has to call their travel agency to make the
changes, thereby negating the savings resulting from initially booking
online. GetThere enables the corporate traveler to make the initial
booking and the changes online, thereby preserving and enhancing the
savings of online booking.

Online Ticket Exchange: Helping travelers capitalize on new lower
airline change fees

Another advantage of GetThere’s Online Ticket Exchange capability
is providing travelers the ability to research the cost of changing
their return flight while on the road. Most frequent flyers know they
can stand by at the airport on the day of travel to catch an earlier
or later flight, but there is no guarantee they will get on that
flight. With the recent reduction in change fees by major carriers,
confirming alternate flights is easier and cheaper than ever before.
GetThere’s technology allows a traveler to perform a cost comparison
of both options before the day of travel, enabling more flyers to
obtain the flight they want with lower change fees.

GetThere Hold Trips, and Online Voids, Refunds and Exchanges are
available today. Corporations should work with their travel agency to
ensure they have processes in place to accommodate these transactions.

About GetThere

GetThere is the world’s leading online corporate travel
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global corporations and government agencies to provide a convenient
way for employees to book travel and plan meetings while significantly
reducing costs. GetThere’s advanced technology works with all major
global distribution systems (GDS) and all travel management companies.
More than 3,000 corporations, including 60 percent of the Fortune 200
companies that have online booking sites, use GetThere. More
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