Finnair launches pre-paid seat sales in Sabre

Carrier uses industry technology standards to retail its ancillaries in the Sabre travel marketplace  LONDON, Dec. 17, 2013 – Finnair has launched the ability to sell pre-paid seats in the Sabre global distribution system.  The airline is using ATPCo OC and EMD-A industry standards to market and sell pre-paid seats in Sabre. These same technology standards were used to provide Finnair the ability to sell pre-paid bags in Sabre’s travel marketplace since 2012. Sabre provides an advanced and continually evolving travel marketplace to deliver value to suppliers and buyers of travel.  Industry technology standards provide suppliers with the ability to quickly introduce ancillary products into the Sabre marketplace while ensuring travel agents and corporate travel buyers retain their ability to shop, book, and manage travel with the efficiency and price transparency they require.  These industry standards also support automatic accounting and reporting from airlines to ARC and BSP. Travel agencies worldwide using the Sabre travel marketplace will have access to Finnair’s pre-pay seats. “Finnair has been exceptional to work with,” said Hamish Broom, director Supplier Commerce for EMEA. “They have been open to using Sabre’s cutting-edge technology and standards to make the marketing and selling of their pre-pay seats efficient for the airline and travel agents.” The specially marked seats will be clearly identified on the seat map, and the ancillary service will also be displayed in Shopping and Pricing. Jani Peuhkurinen, head of Global Corporate Sales & GDS Distribution, said the Sabre travel marketplace is a valuable sales channel for Finnair and they look forward to continuing to sell any future ancillary products via Sabre. “Sabre’s extensive knowledge of the technology and industry standards required to make ancillary sales go smoothly has been of tremendous value to our team,” Peuhkurinen said. “We look forward to working with Sabre to ensure all of our future ancillary products are available to travel agents around the world.