cubeless Honored as a Leading Enterprise Social Network by Top Organizations

Sabre Saves More Than $500,000 in First Year with its Own cubeless Community

SOUTHLAKE, TX – November 18, 2008 – cubeless™, the Web 2.0 social network helping companies and employees connect and save money, announced today industry analyst firm Forrester Research honored the community environment as a finalist for the Forrester Groundswell Awards. The second annual Forrester Groundswell Awards recognize excellence in accomplishing business goals with social technologies. cubeless competed in the managing category, which featured companies that empower employees and managers within an organization.

In addition to the Forrester honor, cubeless continues to be recognized on a regular basis. The social network has been recently highlighted as a “cool new technology for HR” by the HR Technology Conference & Expo and Human Resource Executive magazine. The social media product was named a finalist for the American Business Awards in the “best new product or service” category. cubeless received a “commendation of excellence” in the Society for New Communications Research’s 2008 Excellence in New Communications Awards program.

The Forrester recognition comes a mere four months after cubeless launched externally. The cubeless community environment allows employees to connect and tap into the collective intellectual capital of fellow colleagues to find the right people with the right answers — all behind the corporate firewall. Sabre Holdings developed the social network in its innovation lab after realizing the company needed new ways for co-workers to exchange ideas and information, collaborate and stay in touch as it was globalizing and rapidly expanding non-traditional officing. Sabre’s conservative estimate of its own corporation’s savings is more than $500,000 in the first year.

“Social technologies are making a decided impact in companies around the world, as organizations realize the power of social networking in the workplace,” said Erik Johnson, general manager of cubeless. “We’re thrilled that Forrester and other prominent organizations have recognized cubeless for the significant, bottom-line impacting results – both financial and interpersonal – it provides businesses or organizations of any type or size.”

Additional cubeless Success
cubeless’ early success extends beyond these honors to testimonials and stories. Companies already have been reaping the benefits of cubeless as demonstrated by experiences such as:

• cubeless saves organizations money. One example, “Finding Fabio:” A salesperson needed to find someone in the office who spoke Italian, because they were hosting several Italian sales prospects. (This question was answered by several colleagues, including Fabio who was in a flex space nearby and whom he didn’t know. This saved the company $3,000 in hiring an outside translator, and also provided a more informed participant.)
• The community helps employees personally. Another example, “Family First:” A U.K.-based colleague’s daughter was backpacking in Central America, lost her mobile phone and could have been in all sorts of trouble. This employee posted an appeal for help to co-workers in the country. (She received eight offers of assistance within half an hour.)
• cubeless builds culture and engages employees. Another example, “The CEO Who Counts Laps:” A colleague who had recently taken up swimming requested assistance on how to keep track of laps while swimming. One of the responders was the company’s CEO who has been swimming for years – even competitively at times. Mechanisms built into the cubeless community provide the opportunity for everyone, right up to the top executive, to participate in relevant conversations.

About cubeless
cubeless™ is a Web 2.0 community environment for companies and employees to connect and tap into the collective intellectual capital of fellow colleagues to find the right people with the right answers – all behind the corporate firewall. The social networking tool was built from the ground up specifically for secure corporate use. cubeless is easy to understand and use, and utilizes familiar human interaction models, such as Q&A and “sticky notes.” cubeless leverages a proprietary relevance engine that constantly grows as co-workers update their profiles, ask and answer questions, and blog about topics. cubeless was invented by the Sabre Studios innovation lab at Sabre Holdings, which has more than 50 years of expertise in building and securely managing complex applications for major corporations, such as American Express and Procter & Gamble. For more information, visit, and