China Eastern lauds new technology for greater efficiency

Sabre’s fleet planning and scheduling solution brings airline new efficiencies

SHANGHAI, March 15, 2011 – Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines, one of China’s largest airlines, has reported greater efficiency after automating its fleet planning and scheduling processes with the industry’s leading, flexible technology from Sabre Airline Solutions.

The airline signed a multi-million deal with Sabre to provide its Sabre AirVision Network planning and scheduling solutions a year ago. This technology helps airlines increase efficiency by optimising schedules on a fully dated and by day-of-week basis and builds schedules that reflect demand patterns over the week.

“We have seen savings based on greater efficiency, proving that the automation of a business process that was manually intensive and more time consuming, was the right decision. As we continue to work with our technology partner, Sabre Airline Solutions, we are confident that we will see continued improvements and a quick return on investment,” said an airline executive.

“We are very impressed with how smoothly the implementation went, and how we were able to immediately benefit from the solution. It gives us a lot of confidence to move ahead with other new technology in the near future,” added the China Eastern executive.

China Eastern has been on an aggressive growth path, especially with its recent takeover of Shanghai Airlines.

“Airlines everywhere are looking for ways to improve processes, cut costs, and increase profitability. Using the right technology in the right way almost guarantees a return on investment. China Eastern has been very progressive in this area, and is very open to changing legacy processes and systems. This has definitely paid off for them,” said David Chambers, Sabre Airline Solutions’ regional vice president Asia Pacific.

“As the airline’s technology partner, we will continue to work with them, and advise them of further ways to improve processes and see more dividends. We are definitely excited to be a part of this exercise,” added Chambers.

CEA was established in June 1988 and has been growing rapidly for 18 years. In 1997, it successfully completed its share reform and was listed in Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York Securities Exchanges. CEA operates over 80 international and regional routes, over 330 domestic routes, which connect 110 cities in China and aboard. CEA has 35,000 employees, 200 large-to-medium sized modern jets, comprising A340-600, A340-300, A330, A320 series, B767 and B737 series.

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