Airlines Partner with Sabre Airline Solutions to Streamline In-Flight Ops

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 13, 2006–Gulf Air and TAP are targeting savings in their on-board service costs. The two carriers have signed up to use Sabre Airline Solutions’ AirServ In-Flight Solutions, allowing them to integrate their entire range of catering and cabin services and drive savings of up to 15 percent from their total catering budgets.

The product is enabling e-business collaboration between the airlines’ caterers, suppliers and warehouse operations across the globe. It streamlines the entire range of in-flight operations across each carrier’s network of business partners, transferring real-time information to caterers and vendors.

Tariq Sultan, vice president of Gulf Air, said: “The AirServ solutions give us the ability to automate all our catering and cabin services, from menu planning and scheduling, beverage services and duty free to entertainment, reading materials, cleaning services and more. The software will deliver an immediate increase in operational efficiency and a significant return on investment.”

Murray Smyth, Sabre Airline Solutions’ senior vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said, “The decision by these two very different airlines to use this one product demonstrates the flexibility of our entire range and our ability to help any carrier, regardless of size, improve efficiency and decrease costs.”

Users of the AirServ solutions have seen particularly significant savings through automation of invoice auditing, resulting in reduced mis-payments. Inventory costs are cut through better order visibility, forecasting and control, while meal wastage is reduced through accurate, automated passenger forecasting. The products also help the carriers reduce distribution costs, decrease catering spend, and increase ‘multiple provisioned’ or ‘back-catered’ flights.

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