Air Malta selects Sabre AirCentre Flight Plan Manager to streamline operations

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Jan. 19, 2010 – Air Malta has chosen Sabre Airlines Solutions’ AirCentre Flight Plan Manager to modernize and streamline its airline operations. Air Malta uses a number of other solutions from Sabre’s AirCentre Enterprise Operations suite.


The airline selected Sabre because it offers the most comprehensive solution that also provides the airline flexibility and cost savings.  Air Malta continues to embrace the unique Sabre advantage of unmatched flexibility, accessibility, choice, and experience and now has a fully integrated solution including Sabre’s AirCentre Movement Control, Crew Control, Load Manager, and now Flight Plan Manager. 


Air Malta uses Sabre AirCentre Flight Plan Manager to more effectively manage its flight plans by using the latest fuel optimization methods to reduce overall fuel costs and CO2 emissions.


“We are excited to now have a fully integrated flight operations solution that increases productivity and provides significant savings to our operations,” said Captain Laurence Gatt, chief officer, Flight Operations and Engineering for Air Malta.


Sabre’s flight planning system uses advanced fuel planning optimization methods such as variable cost index along with random routing to produce the most cost effective route of flight. The system allows airlines unparalleled flexibility to control its setup and output of flight plan data.  In addition, when an airline like Air Malta adopts the Sabre Flight Planning system as part of the comprehensive Sabre AirCentre Enterprise Operations solution, it can leverage common data sharing for timely information exchange resulting in increased productivity and a more efficient operation. Air Malta can now run simulated scenarios to determine optimum solutions prior to committing in its operation. 


“Sabre provided Air Malta with the most comprehensive solutions for the critical parts of their operations,” said Ilia Kostov, vice president of Sabre Airline Solutions’ AirCentre Enterprise Operations. “The Sabre AirCentre suite is based on flexible and adaptable technology infrastructure.  It utilizes the Sabre ASx Airline Services Exchange for ’just-in-time’ information through an open, modular service-oriented architecture and extensive use of our flexible rule engines. This enables the airline to maintain a future-proof, modern operations environment. The platform is designed to evolve with an airline’s needs as the dynamic marketplace changes.”

Sabre AirCentre Enterprise Operations includes an extensive portfolio of solutions serving every area of an airline’s operation, maximizing efficiencies, providing significant cost savings and improving the ability to manage the unpredictable aspects of daily operations.  Air Malta will

leverage the Sabre AirCentre operations portfolio to streamline flight operations, crew management, scheduling, and reservations.


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