Air Deccan Partners with Radixx International

Posted November 21, 2017

NEW DELHI, Nov. 21, 2017 – Air Deccan has selected Radixx International, Inc. to provide its new Galaxy passenger services system to support all reservations and check-in functions as it starts up service in India. Air Deccan is one of two carriers who recently won the right to start and operate the maximum number of flights under the Indian government’s first round of UDAN Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS).

Air Deccan-UDAN aims to bring about equitable growth to the lopsided domestic air carrier service scene that tends to focus on large metros while overlooking regional and remote towns. Increased regional connectivity is at the core of Air Deccan’s mission. Aligned to the government’s vision, this is expected to result in increased passenger flow and create job-oriented growth. Air Deccan is an experienced trailblazer in low-cost regional service, having connected small towns such as Hubli, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Jamshedpur, Gwalior and Dehradun in the early 2000s.

Deccan was recently awarded 34 routes (10 unserved, 5 underserved) as part of the government’s RCS efforts. Air Deccan plans to connect emerging small towns in India with various metros including Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi, focusing on efficient air service, shorter standard travel times and affordable fares to increase travel options for passengers. The airline also has plans to connect towns across various Indian states including Assam, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and West Bengal.

Scheduled passenger flights aren’t Deccan’s only operation, as the company also houses various aircraft component overhaul facilities that serve airlines and aircraft operators. Air Deccan operates a fleet of owned and managed aircrafts, while offering a business aircraft membership program, along with tourism, VIP, air-ambulance, offshore, aerial mapping and aerial survey charters. In addition, Deccan provides other aviation services such as training for engines and airframes.

Ron Peri, Radixx International Founder and Chairman, comments

“We’re thrilled about partnering with Air Deccan. The increased regional connectivity they will bring to the India market will improve the flow of people, talent, and employment opportunities and benefit the local economies to which they fly. Air Deccan is poised to make a very positive impact as it expands low cost travel options for domestic passengers in India.”

Capt Gopi, Deccan Founder & Chairman, comments

“Air Deccan has already revolutionized air travel in India by introducing e-ticketing and servicing formerly unconnected parts of India. Now, Air Deccan is in a fortunate position with the Prime Minister’s initiative – the UDAN scheme, to link unconnected parts of the country, unleashing economic growth and the previously untapped potential of underserviced regions of India. Radixx is an industry-leader in providing custom tailored airline reservation, distribution and merchandizing systems eminently suited to India’s aviation growth story.”

About Radixx International

Radixx International, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is now delivering its sixth-generation passenger service system, the Galaxy PSS. Galaxy is the first fully web-native state-of-the-artPSS system. It has been certified to operate from the smallest cloud ­­­­­­network to the largest mainframe environments. Galaxy provides a customizable, complete enterprise system that caters to the needs of hybrid, ultra-lowcost, and traditional airlines, including support for interlining, code sharing and distribution through GDS in addition to direct sales of fares and ancillaries. Founded in 1993 and now supporting 50 airlines on six continents, Radixx’ fully integrated, cloud-based solutions support all airline business models. Radixx recently hired John Elieson as President & CEO. Ron Peri, Radixx’ Founder and Former CEO, continues to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Radixx is a partner of TA Associates, a leading global growth private equity firm. For more information, visit

About Air Deccan

Air Deccan is a unit of Deccan Charter Private limited. Deccan has close to 20 years experience in low-cost airline, offshore, corporate charters, aerial surveys, special operations and training, and MRO & line maintenance services. Deccan provides a suite of solutions ranging from Aircraft Maintenance to Purchase/Sales, Asset Management, Aviation Training and Air Charter Services and has the largest geographical footprint among general aviation companies in the country. Deccan operates a fleet of owned and managed aircraft and offers India’s leading business aircraft jet card membership programs, along with VIP/corporate charters, air-ambulance services and shuttles. Air Deccan has successfully bid and has been awarded multiple networks under the Government of India’s Regional Connectivity Initiative (UDAN) to provide scheduled commuter services to connect the hereto-unconnected airports to the national aviation map. Through Air Deccan’s regional airline service, the airline will connect India’s emerging small towns with various metros like Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi with efficient air service at an affordable price.