After Aeroflot and SkyTeam: Sabre Airline Solutions in Alliance Push; Success in Russia Highlights Alliance Capabilities of SabreSonic Solutions

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 20, 2006–Sabre Airline
Solutions, the global leader of software and services for the airline
industry from planning to execution, is showcasing its airline
alliance services and technology following the announcement last week
by SkyTeam that Aeroflot has become a member of that group. The
airline technology provider helped the Russian flag carrier meet the
stringent technical requirements of SkyTeam membership.

The business is liaising with aspiring alliance candidates wishing
to enter the three main global airline alliances — oneworld, SkyTeam
and Star — to highlight its alliance capabilities. There are
substantial similarities in the technical entry requirements for the
three large groupings, and Sabre Airline Solutions can offer a
completely integrated reservations, inventory and check-in solution
for each. This enhances recognition of premium customers across all
the alliance members and virtually eliminates the risk of not
providing the customer benefits that frequent travelers earn and

Alliance technology from Sabre Airline Solutions enables Aeroflot
to integrate with SkyTeam partner airline frequent flyer programs and
redeem frequent flyer awards among all partner airlines. It allows
Sabre Connected travel agents to view schedules and availability for
Aeroflot and all SkyTeam members in a single entry and exchange
reservations data interactively with other alliance members.

In preparation for the project, Sabre Airline Solutions delivered
online booking, CTO automated booking, and e-ticketing capabilities,
self-service airport check in, and intra-airline CRM. It also provided
new technology and services for passenger departure control at
Aeroflot’s home airport, Sheremeteyvo in Moscow. During this phase all
Aeroflot’s reservations records were switched from its previous
technology to the SabreSonic Passenger Solutions suite of
next-generation traveler management technology. More than 300,000
passenger records were moved successfully in 31 minutes: over 10,000
records a minute.

Gianni Marostica, president of airline passenger solutions for
Sabre Airline Solutions, points to the “complete success” of the
Aeroflot technology project as proof of the alliance capabilities of
the SabreSonic suite.

“Our integrated reservations, inventory and check-in capability
proved once again that we are the right partner for Aeroflot on the
SkyTeam entry project,” Marostica said.

Aeroflot worked closely on its SkyTeam entry with its sponsor, Air
France, which helped validate the Russian carrier’s entry criteria
compliance during an audit in March.

The SabreSonic solutions are at the heart of the company’s
alliance technology proposition. This group of products is used by
over 100 airlines and covers reservations, inventory management, all
aspects of automated and manual check in, ticketing and interline
e-ticketing, Web sales, and revenue integrity.

“This modular, scalable and integrated alliance capability gives
airlines more flexibility and choice than other, more rigid ‘common
alliance platforms,'” said Marostica. “In the fast-paced,
ever-evolving world of airline technology, the SabreSonic solutions
accommodate changes in business strategy and force questions about why
an airline would be required to migrate to an inflexible, common

Marostica said the components of the SabreSonic product suite
address all the technical and technology requirements of any alliance
while offering airlines the flexibility to maintain their brand
identity, differentiate themselves from competition and accommodate
changing business strategies.

Sabre Airline Solutions has the industry’s widest range of
products aimed at carriers of every size — from large network
carriers to small regional airlines — designed to help airlines
market themselves, sell their products, serve their customers and
operate more effectively. This portfolio of more than 100 integrated
products ranges from alliance-enabling tools, hosting services,
integrated reservations and check-in products, and an interline
e-ticketing hub that is helping carriers meet the IATA 2007
e-ticketing mandate, through to crew and aircraft scheduling tools,
and products that maximize in-flight catering efficiencies.

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More than 200 airlines use its broad portfolio of decision-support
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