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Pulling Together to Transform the Impossible into New Opportunities

As we navigate changes to our everyday lives as a result of COVID-19, the health of our many employees and their families remains a top priority. In addition, we stand firmly united and resolute in supporting our customers during this unprecedented time in the travel industry. Our commitment to delivering high-quality service and smart solutions has never been more important as you rely on—many of you for the first time—virtual support and expertise. We’re here to address your specific travel needs and provide guidance as we all operate from our remote workspaces and homes, doing our part to stop the potential spread of the virus. This is truly a challenging time for everyone. Although we have grown accustomed to working in a dynamic industry that brings swift and rapid change, no one could have been prepared for this level of collective uncertainty. Despite the disruption, stress, and anxiety you may be experiencing, know that we are here for you, working to assure that your needs are completely met. We know that you rely on us and that our solutions are mission-critical to your operations— we can assure you that our technology and systems remain up and running. The lines of communication are open, and we’re here to support you to our fullest capabilities. When faced with adversity, Colin Powell once stated that optimism is a force multiplier. At Sabre Hospitality Solutions, we share this belief. We are deeply passionate about travel and remain perpetually optimistic as we work hard to move forward. Better things are coming. When it comes to being optimistic, recent industry reports show that hotels will lead the recovery for the tourism industry, far sooner than airlines and the cruise industry. In fact, a recent survey conducted by MMGY for the US Travel Association revealed that 68% of the people surveyed felt safe traveling in their car, compared to just 14% for domestic flights and only 10% for international flights. This supports the important and strategic role hotels will play in our global recovery as leisure travel to local getaways will be the earliest sign of returning demand. Additionally, business travel for hoteliers will also gradually start to show signs of return as companies start to restore, build sales, and advance their working relationships with customers. Other positives to share: We have quickly and easily transitioned to a work from home environment, executing seamless customer implementations and cutover migrations—all while working 100% remote. Moreover, we are having innovative conversations with customers about ways to support you now and beyond COVID-19 travel, including platform enhancements that will enable hoteliers to make critical low-contact operational adjustments, such as tracking time since a room was occupied and promoting health and cleaning programs as property-level attributes. All of this is on top of our conviction that building out the unified SynXis CRPM platform, to serve hoteliers of every star-level and in every geography, remains the right path for accelerated growth and increased profitability. We’re making it possible for hoteliers to become retailers of products and services never before offered. These ongoing developments are providing our customers with innovative ways to create and market highly differentiated brand experiences, while maintaining the scale that comes from one platform. While there’s no clear roadmap for what’s ahead as we all work to move collectively forward, know this: Our highest priority remains our customers and our employees. Together, we will learn, adapt, and grow as the travel industry rebounds. Rest assured, we are right here, actively looking for new and improved ways to support you when travel resumes—working nonstop to turn impossibilities into new possibilities.

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