Air shopping has become increasingly complex, with many airlines using branded fares and air extras to differentiate their products and increase traveler value. As a result, travel buyers need a solution that enables like-for-like comparison across offers to help drive more informed decisions. The Sabre new airline storefront provides this, and more, with its modern retailing experience. In our interview with Kathy Morgan, vice president of offer sourcing at Sabre, Kathy shares her perspective on how the new airline storefront provides a framework for delivering easily comparable offers by defining “shelves” on which travel sellers can display their content side-by-side. This gives the agent, and ultimately the end traveler, easy access to far more information than the fare price to decide which flight best suits their needs—just like they would on other online retailer sites. Discover more about how the new airline storefront is transforming air shopping, in the full interview with Kathy, where she discusses:
  • Business challenges airlines, agencies and corporations face with today’s shopping experience in the indirect channel
  • Sabre’s unique approach that adheres to and innovates beyond ATPCO’s Next Generation Storefront ™ standards
  • How Sabre’s new airline storefront supports personalized retailing strategies
  • Future innovation opportunities as we expand storefront capabilities