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Embracing personal wellness

Sabre has transformed its approach to employee wellness, investing in a host of new resources to enhance the team member experience. To drive this, the Company has created the Sabre Wellbeing Advocate Network (SWAN), a council of a dozen team members from around the world who will guide conversation around wellbeing, capture best practices and enhance tools and programs to support employee wellbeing.

One of the first initiatives introduced by the council is a partnership with Headspace, a global leader in mindfulness and wellbeing, to provide free, premium access to their award-winning mindfulness app. 

“Through the Headspace partnership, we hope to encourage team members to take time out for themselves every day and enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and improved stress resilience and creativity that come from consistent meditation and mindfulness exercises,” said Shawn Williams, Chief People Officer, Sabre.

Sabre also provides complimentary access to additional mental wellbeing resources for team members and their families. This includes access to :

  • Sanvello– an app offering clinical techniques to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. 
  • Talkspace– licensed therapists available 24 hours a day through talk, text and video.
  • BurnAlong– a platform providing on-demand physical, mental, and financial wellness classes.
  • Global Employee Assistance Program– includes five free counseling sessions per person, per topic, per year.

At Sabre we are continuously looking for ways to improve our team members wellness – helping them perform at their best both personally and professionally. If you’re interested in joining our journey, visit Sabre.com/Careers for more information.

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