One of the many things that makes Sabre special is our rich history of volunteerism and charitable giving. We reached a noteworthy milestone this past May, celebrating 20+ years of team members coming together to support causes they are passionate about. This deep rooted, philanthropic component of our culture is driven by Give Together, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, which encourages team members to give to charities of their choice and volunteer time in local communities. Many of the beneficiaries are chosen directly by team members, reflecting the varied compassion of our work family. Sabre offers proactive support by giving team members the tools they need to fulfill their charitable interests, including paid time off to volunteer. The result is a vibrant chain effect of volunteering and charity that has proven to be a huge success. Since the program launched in 2000, Sabre has donated over $20 million and logged over 300,000 volunteer hours. Typical of 2020, we had to rethink our “normal” approach to Give Together volunteering and fundraising. For the first time ever, Sabre had to execute our efforts almost completely virtually. This unexpected wrinkle did not stop our team members from making an impact across the globe, and in our local communities. In total, we were able to raise almost $50,000 by year end through our global giving campaign. Sabre continued to facilitate giving this year by refreshing Give Together with a new online platform that helps connect team members to a wide variety of charities. Colleagues were able to select and give to nonprofits of their choice, including those that are responding to and aiding pandemic relief in India, where many of our Sabre team members reside. Although the U.S. is easing out of the pandemic, as our CEO Sean Menke said, “We are not out of this relentless pandemic until all of us are out of it together.” Giving our time and resources for the betterment of others is part of what makes Sabre unique. Through a combination of fundraising, volunteering and community efforts, Sabre team members around the world truly make an impact within the communities in which they work and live. We are proud of our team members for their generosity this year and look forward to continuing to Give Together.