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Black history month: Shifting the conversation with Gerald Jackson

Gerald shares his life journey of intergenerational support, dedication and achievement against the backdrop of adversity

At Sabre, we are committed to embracing and celebrating our diversity. In this inclusion & engagement series, Shifting the Conversation, our people share their stories to engage in open dialog and shed light on their broad, rich and unique perspectives. In celebration of Black History Month, this blog highlights the impact of dedication, sacrifice and perseverance, penned by Sabre’s Gerald Jackson, an active member of the Black Generations of Leadership and Development (BGOLD) inclusion group. BGOLD provides Sabre’s black population an opportunity to come together and grow while amplifying a unique cultural point of view.

My life journey exemplifies the values of intergenerational support, dedication, and achievement against the backdrop of adversity. Growing up as the eldest of five boys in a single-parent household, I witnessed firsthand the sacrifices my mother made to provide for our family. My mother worked three jobs to make ends meet, so I shouldered a significant burden of responsibility from a young age. Upon graduating from high school, I made the courageous decision to enlist in the Air Force, driven by a deep sense of duty to support my family financially. My time in the military not only honed discipline but also instilled the importance of service and sacrifice.

During my tenure in the Air Force, spanning a decade, I remained steadfast in my commitment to my family’s well-being. Despite the challenges and demands of military life, I diligently sent a portion of my earnings back home, ensuring that my mother and siblings had the support they needed to thrive. It was during this period that I forged a promise to myself, drawing strength from my spiritual faith – when I have a family of my own, they would never experience the hardships I endured. This pledge became the guiding principle that shaped my future endeavors. This promise was forged into my inner being by watching my mom’s dedication to her children and the sacrifices she made for her family. 

Upon transitioning to civilian life, I embarked on a new chapter in the IT industry, fueled by my unwavering determination to provide a better life for my future family. Drawing upon the skills and resilience cultivated in the Air Force, I embraced the challenges of the tech world with fervor. Through dedication and perseverance, I quickly ascended the ranks, carving out a successful career path for myself. My journey from military service to the corporate world serves as a testament to the transformative power of determination and the unwavering support of family.

As my career flourished, I remained true to my promise of ensuring stability and prosperity for my family. I prioritized financial security and invested in my children’s education, imparting to them the values of hard work and resilience. My unwavering commitment to breaking the cycle of struggle and providing my family with opportunities for success reflects the essence of intergenerational support. My story stands as a beacon of hope, illustrating the profound impact of dedication, sacrifice and the unwavering pursuit of a better future for oneself and future generations.

Sabre is shifting the conversation with stories from passionate and bold inclusion group members. At the heart of our inclusion & engagement efforts, our eight inclusion groups, and counting, aim to amplify the voices of our team members and create a sense of belonging for all. Together, we celebrate diversity, applaud individuality and embrace unique perspectives to empower our global team members to bring their true selves to work every day. Learn more about our inclusion & engagement mission.

about the author

Gerald Jackson serves on Sabre’s Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Council and is a proud member of the Black Generations of Leadership and Development (BGOLD) inclusion group at Sabre. He leads the BGOLD recruitment efforts to invite new members and foster a culture of belonging and empowerment. Gerald’s continued determination has landed him Senior Director of Software Engineering on the Sabre Travel Solutions Product & Engineering team.

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