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Press Release Aug 12, 2019

Croatia Airlines and Sabre continue successful partnership to increase carrier’s revenue and yield

Croatia Airlines and Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR) the leading technology provider to the global travel industry, today announced the renewal...


DACP Highlight: Dynamic Pricing Demo

Watch this video to see how dynamic pricing can be achieved using Sabre AirVision Fares Optimizer, Sabre AirVision Revenue Optimizer... Watch now »


Sabre Launches Dynamic Pricing

Sabre launched two industry-first pricing solutions in 2018. Watch this video to see the launch presentation with our partners at... Watch now »


Asia’s Top Performer

Read this article in Ascend magazine to learn about how Japan Airlines increased corporate business with Sabre AirVision PRISM technology. Read more »


Making Intelligent Solutions A Reality: A Conversation with Sabre

In this Q&A, Sabre’s vice president of product management for commercial planning, discusses retailing and how technology platforms will be... Download now »


Pricing Optimization: The Next Chapter of Total Revenue Optimization

Read this article in Ascend to learn how your airline can leverage dynamic pricing to remain competitive and ultimately achieve... Download now »

Blog Jul 12, 2017

Why a Commitment to Change is Critical to Revenue Optimization

Change is hard. It requires a borderline obsessive effort to spark, strategize, and implement business changes when the status quo...

Blog Jun 20, 2017

Putting the revenue optimization in ROI

In the spectrum of travel agencies, both the small and the large have started to understand — or already comprehend...

Blog May 24, 2017

The evolution of airline revenue management: Defining the next generation approach

Although business challenges continue to evolve for airlines, they still center on the need to increase profits, productivity, and responsiveness...

Blog May 9, 2017

Successful revenue optimization through smart retailing

In an earlier blog post, we reasoned that rethinking revenue optimization—in part through smarter retailing—is a key to success in...

Blog May 3, 2017

Clients booking outside the GDS – the hidden drain on profit

Everyone loves a deal. But a deal is not always as good value as it first seems. This is particularly...

Blog Apr 11, 2017

Make every booking count through smart retailing

For a long time, travel agencies have equated revenue optimization with selling as many airline tickets as possible. In many...