NDC offers from Lufthansa Group now flowing through Sabre

Participating travel agencies in the United States and Italy can shop, book and service NDC offers from Lufthansa Group (LHG) through the Sabre marketplace in a technical production environment. These agencies can access NDC offers from LHG member airlines, including Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS. We’re thrilled to collaborate with LHG to move the industry toward real-time retailing through NDC, unlocking new commercial opportunities for travel retailers and suppliers while helping to increase options for travelers.

Explore NDC from LHG

Lufthansa Group has been at the forefront of advancing airline retailing, including the integration of continuous pricing into its strategy. Visit LHG’s Partner Program site to learn more:

Our team has continued to accelerate progress on NDC and it’s satisfying to see the hard work and collaboration resulting in more airline integrations. I look forward to helping even more travel sellers access LHG’s NDC offers in the coming months.

Kathy Morgan, VP NDC and Airline Supply at Sabre

Countdown to general launch

We are energized to expand our NDC footprint in Europe with the Lufthansa Group. Collaborating with thought leaders like LHG shines a light on the art-of-the-possible that NDC enables for our industry. Sign up to receive updates from Sabre on Beyond NDC progress throughout the year.

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