How do you see the travel industry shaping-up today in India post covid?

Despite the massive scale at which the covid pandemic adversely impacted the travel & tourism industry and uncertainties that it brought along, the industry is showing tremendous improvement in recent times. Be it any airport, railway station or bus terminal, each of them are bustling all day long with passengers, as people have now started travelling extensively for both business and pleasure. In 2022 alone, there were over seven million travel visas availed by Indians for various countries.  The ‘revenge travel’ trend that took birth post the pandemic has been a key driving force behind the industry’s astounding improvement across both domestic and international travel segments post covid.

Give us a brief comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of technology for travellers while on vacation?

I feel technology to be more advantageous to travellers although there may be a few drawbacks as well. Today, be it selecting a destination, planning the vacation, making travel & hotel arrangements of our choice and even making payments online for those bookings, the entire process has been made hassle-free due the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. For instance, social media has created a massive impact on the travel industry for both customers and travel companies alike by acting as both a source of information, as well as an effective advertising medium. Also, increased smartphone penetration and easy access to high speed internet has enabled customers to take informed decisions to check for reviews and compare various available options prior to booking anything.

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This interview with Sriram Gopalswamy was published in Silicon India.