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Sabre India started operations in 2005. Initially, a handful of employees took on key projects in partnership with our global counterparts. Over time, we grew in numbers, technology and expertise and today, we are a peer capability center focused on innovation and growth.

We have a customer base of numerous travel agents, airlines and hotel properties and an employee base of over 1500 people. Our spirited, talented teammates made this exciting journey possible.

We believe each milestone along our journey has its own story and a view into various anecdotes, memories, and lessons learned from our people is the best way to relive our past and celebrate our milestones. Here’s a quick view into our history timeline that we’ve etched by reaching out to our employees and capturing the glowing moments that scripted our story.

To share our milestones, the experiences of our employees and our excitement of working on various products and technologies that we work on, we created our very own ‘Sabre Spectrum’ – Sabre India’s official podcast. It was earlier called ‘Sabre Souvenirs’ as it started with the experience sharing journey of our colleagues during our celebrations of 15 years of Sabre India. 

To tune in to our latest episodes, click below :

Sabre Spectrum

What we do at Sabre Global Capability Center (GCC), Bengaluru 

  • Support the development of mission-critical and decision-support solutions
  • Deliver immense value to Sabre’s largest airline and hospitality customers
  • Collaborate across geographies to accelerate product innovation, development and global operations
  • Build agile transformation practices based on lean start-up thinking, every day, and
  • Host multiple technology functions: product development, enterprise data & analytics, operations research, and customer-centric functions: customer care/support, customer implementation & consulting.

Since the day we began operations, our culture of innovation and adherence to Sabre’s key values have helped us deliver immense value to our customers.

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