2017 was year of challenges in Sabre Poland. We continued and developed projects from previous years, and also created new ones. In last year our employees were engaged in more than 100 conferences, events and activities.

2 charity events

Give Together and Give Time Together are two most important and biggest global charity events in Sabre. The main idea of Give Together is based on organizing fun and creative fundraising events by employees, as a way of raising money for local charities. In 2017 we organized 29 actions: food and book sales, online auctions, sports and computer games tournaments, Short Movie Festival and many more. We collected 80 thousands PLN beating our own record from previous year. In January 2018 we are meeting with our 25 beneficiaries at annual gala.

Read our summary of Give Together 2017.

Give Time Together has different aim – instead of raising money we spend our own time to help others. Thanks to their initiative, 300 Sabre employees were engaged in 17 different activities – leaning in kindergartens, painting children’s hospital, cleaning Tatra Mountains, helping during the sport event in psychiatric hospital, collecting food for animals in a shelter and organizing cyber security workshop for kids.

Give Together

  • 29 individual actions
  • 25 beneficiaries
  • 80 000 PLN raised

Give Time Together

  • 17 individual actions
  • 300+ employees engaged

5 conferences

In 2017 Sabre was sponsor of 4 conferences:

  • ACE
  • Code Europe
  • Geecon
  • Devoxx

These conferences gathered more than 7500 participants and 280 speakers from all over the world.

Beside sponsoring, participating and supporting conferences we created our own. First Talk’N’Roll conference took place in 2015. The third edition of the Talk’N’Roll was the first open to the general public. Interest in the event far exceeded our expectations – tickets were sold out two weeks in advance, and dozens of people put their names on a reserve list. 250 participants took part in our event and listened to 12 speeches. Want to know more about Talk’N’Roll? Read our report from event and watch speeches on YouTube channel.

10 meetups

Meetups are our way to learn, share ideas and meet interesting people. Each of them gather several dozen participants, not only from Sabre.

  • Sitecore (twice)
  • AWS
  • Women in Technology (twice)
  • Effective meetings
  • Performance Engineering Meetup
  • Kubernetes
  • International Meetup
  • Coffee chat for forigners

11 university events

The IT labour market in Poland is developing dynamically and needs well-educated professionals. That is why Sabre support and organize many events, workshops and projects.

  • Open Day
  • Open Workshops (4 times)
  • Students IT Festival
  • Job Fairs at UJ
  • Workshops for German filology students
  • Sabre Academy
  • Soft Skills Academy
  • BAIT Hackathon

Our most important project dedicated for students is Sabre Academy. It is a course and open lectures for students from AGH University of Science and Technology and Jagiellonian University, which creates a great opportunity for them to get to know the practical side of creating software through small and large, enterprise-like projects.

Sabre Academy acts as a normal subject for students of IT. They can choose it as one of several and they do it very willingly. For the course at AGH signed up 140 people for 20 places. At the Jagiellonian University half of the students from the academic year has signed up.

We are involved in projects in every level of teaching. There are even events for kids where we teach them how to code – such as Koderek or Greenlight4Girls.

…and many more!

Sabre actively supports the Women in Technology community and other projects dedicated to women in IT. Last year we were involved in initiatives such as motivational meetings for women and mentoring programs.

What’s more, there are many internal events organized by our employees, such as Innovation Lab opening, Senior Day or SolveIT workshops.

All these activities and events were possible only thanks to the initiative of our employees. They, with the support of the company, implemented their ideas and created amazing things, developing themselves and helping others.