At Sabre Poland, we not only embrace learning opportunities and skill enhancement; we take an active role in shaping them. Hence, in January, we hosted the Development Day. The event served as a perfect chance for sharing knowledge and experiences, fostering integration among all team members, regardless of their roles and seniority. The participation of over 600 individuals marked the success of this year’s edition. Dive into the highlights and discover our areas of focus this time.

Tech advancements, new trends, and a wealth of knowledge

The world of technology is a quickly developing scene, undergoing numerous transformations. That’s why, at Sabre Poland, we stay on top of things, organizing internal meetings to follow the latest trends. The Development Day perfectly represents this approach.

In the current edition, attendees had the chance to listen to 35 lectures encompassing various aspects associated with working on IT projects. A total of 50 internal experts took on the role of presenters, providing participants with valuable insights into the latest trends in the tech and travel tech realms. They shared knowledge about innovations in Sabre’s product offerings and experiences related to the implementation of specific solutions.

Seeing the Sabre Polska family come together in such force, eager to learn and connect, reinforces our belief in our collective potential – says Wojciech Korzenny, Senior Manager Software Engineering at Sabre Poland and one of the main organizers of DevDay 2024.

Special guests

One of the highlights of the Development Day event at Sabre Poland was marked by a visit from special guests: Gary Wiseman (EVP Chief Product and Technology Officer) and Joe DiFonzo (EVP Chief Information Officer). They participated in a panel discussion, sharing their personal development stories and key moments that drove their careers.

The event concluded with an after-party featuring the music band Sabre Poland, a lottery and an entertaining quiz with prizes.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the organizers, speakers, and everyone who made this day a huge success – adds Magdalena Filipska, Manager Software Engineering, co-organizer of DevDay 2024. – It was a pleasure to collaborate with colleagues who are full of passion and dedication.

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