Sabre Events

As Sabre Poland, our goal is to bring experts to share knowledge and experience. This is why our communities organize lots of events, which can take tech geeks to the next level. As a company, we also participate in important technology conferences. Below is a list of events where you can meet us.

Upcoming Events

DateEventPlaceMore details
November 19-20HackYeah 2022 – The biggest stationary hackathon in Europe. We are a partner of this event.Tauron ArenaRead more

Past Events

DateEventPlaceMore details
February 15
6:00 PM
GDG Cloud Kraków: Micro frontends in AngularTischnera OfficeRead more
March 1
6:00 PM
Sabre Campus: Using C++ at SabreTischnera OfficeRead more
April 12
6:00 PM
GDG Krakow Cloud Meetup: Scaling kubernetes in the cloud.
What problems it creates, what problems it solves
Multikino Krakow & OnlineRead more
April 25
6:00 PM
WIT Event: Why men are as fit as women to work in ITTischnera OfficeRead more
May 11-13GeeCON 2022 – A conference devoted to technologies based on Java and the Java Virtual Machine. We were a gold sponsor.Multikino KrakowRead more
May 17GDG Krakow Cloud Meetup: GDG Cloud Krakow Meetup: How to keep GCP costs under control.Tischnera OfficeRead more
May 19-20ACE! Conference 2022 – The pioneer of Agile Software Development & Product Management Conferences in Europe. We are a bronze sponsor.Multikino Krakow & OnlineRead more
June 14Google Day – a day of learning, engagement and fun. Whether you have been working deeply on Cloud technology or you’re just curious about the work going on with our strategic partner – Google, Google Day has something for you!Tischnera OfficeRead more
June 22-24Devoxx Poland 2022 – A first-class tech conference where passionate developers can network, hack, get inspired and learn. We are a silver sponsor.ICE Krakow Congress CentreRead more
July 12GDG Cloud Krakow: Networking in GCP 101Tischnera OfficeRead more
September 22Talk’n’Roll – a Sabre Conference created by Sabre employees for passionate people willing to expand their horizons, learn, and get inspired. Our mission is to provide a first-class non-tech conference and a platform for exchanging ideas and networking among people from all over the world representing diverse cultures and interests.Manggha Krakow & OnlineRead more
October 4-5JDD – a conference for all Java enthusiasts: software engineers, developers, team leaders and other passionate people keen to broaden and share their knowledge. Sabre as a Gold Partner.Hotel Metropolo KrakowRead more