Have the space, freedom and comfort to be you 

Experience a company where inclusion and diversity are built into the culture worldwide. Because, we embrace our broad, rich, and unique differences and are committed to providing an inclusive environment where you can be your true self and contribute your best every day.

Diversity and Inclusion Declaration

In all our activities, we follow the principle of equal treatment in the workplace. We confirmed this by signing the Diversity and Inclusion Declaration, as part of an initiative led by ABSL Poland.

Find your place at Sabre Polska

At Sabre Polska, we encourage our team members to get more involved, lead and make a difference through communities that matter. These are self-managed groups that connect like-minded team members to collaborate, engage and learn from each other. Sounds interesting?

A place where you can always feel included

There are also many inclusion groups at Sabre globally. Connect with those who share similar experiences to you or learn from others who bring different perspectives. Read more on the sabre.com page.

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