At Sabre Polska, we encourage our team members to get more involved, lead and make a difference through communities that matter. These are self-managed groups that connect like-minded team members to collaborate, engage and learn from each other. Communities work together to collectively offer professional guidance, creative collaboration, and educational content based on real-life challenges and solutions. By joining a community, team members can bring their whole selves to the workplace and beyond irrespective of backgrounds, experiences. Community members can develop technical, soft, and leadership skills, as well as networking and mentoring, and expand their creativity.
Google Developers Group The GDG Cloud Kraków provides an environment that encourages learning and networking among those keen on understanding emerging technologies and sharing knowledge. The group focuses on building and managing scalable cloud infrastructure, containerization, Kubernetes, data processing, machine learning, software engineering, and more. See the video from the first GDG meetup >>
Innovation Lab Community It is a place where team members can experience cutting-edge technology, collaborate, share knowledge, boost creativity, and learn through training sessions or workshops. The lab is open 24/7 for team members to be immersed in contemporary technology: 3D printer, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality equipment, Robot construction kit, and Internet of Things devices.
WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY (WIT) The goal of this community is to raise the profile of women technologists, inspire more women to gain newer skills in the industry, and share experiences and thought leadership within and outside the organization. WIT organizes training, workshops, networking meetings, and other events to help women flourish. See a video from the online event – interview with Bianka Siwinska >>
TECHNICAL PRODUCT MANAGERS COMMUNITY This group of Technical Product Managers and Administrators come together to exchange knowledge, connect, learn, and share emerging perspectives. Additionally, they are eager to promote and broaden the image of Sabre as a technology brand.
SOLVE!T Solve!t is a community of experts sharing best engineering practices and ways to implement them in the Sabre environment. Solve!t organizes workshops and presentations on modern technologies and patterns as well as on Sabre’s technologies and products.
TALK’N’ROLL CONFERENCE Talk’N’Roll is a Sabre Conference created by passionate Sabre team members willing to expand their horizons, learn, and get inspired. Through this forum, team members organize a first-class non-tech conference and platform for the exchange of ideas and networking globally representing diverse cultures and interests. See the video from 2019 edition >>
AGILE COMMUNITY The Community fosters a collaborative partnership dedicated to the promotion of sustainable Agile values and principles. By creating an environment of creativity, innovation, and a culture of continuous improvement, the group aims to deliver business value and delight customers. The community organizes knowledge-sharing sessions and events devoted to not just Scrum Masters but also others interested in broadening their Agile knowledge.
PRODUCT ON – PRODUCT COMMUNITY This community aims to grow product management expertise and inspire team members to become product leaders. The group has a product mindset with strong program and portfolio support, developing business as well as product skillsets, exchanging best practices in product management, and looking for opportunities to implement them at Sabre. PROGRAM MANAGEMENT COMMUNITY This community brings together Program Management professionals to strengthen the reliability and the visibility of initiatives through strategic programming and product development. The community encourages knowledge sharing, opportunities for training and certification and collaborates to drive the adoption of Sabre-wide program management tools and processes.
SABRE TALENTS FACTORY STF connects students’ aspirations to Sabre’s expertise in travel technology. The group voluntarily organizes events like Sabre Open Days and open workshops, for students to get to know Sabre as an inspiring place to work. The collaboration includes partnerships with leading technology and professional management institutions and universities across Poland.