At Sabre, we strongly believe in the power of help. For this reason, we have actively worked towards shaping an organizational environment committed to supporting others. Thanks to this approach, Give Together has emerged as Sabre’s principal internal charity initiative, where engaged employees undertake diverse initiatives to support nonprofit organizations and individuals in need. With the 2024 edition on the horizon, we’re eager to amplify our efforts and make an even greater difference in the lives of those around us.

Give Together – an initiative powered by individuals passionate about making a positive impact

Our team members have independently organized, coordinated, and implemented various charitable initiatives at Sabre for many years. Collaborative puzzle-solving, online courses for a noble cause, knitting workshops, and a homemade bake sale are just a few examples of such activities organized under the Give Together initiative.

In 2023, our company had the opportunity to support a remarkable 18 initiatives of this type. A team of over forty volunteers coordinated these initiatives. Moreover, the team held a fundraising campaign and prepared several packages donated to Krakow hospices. A total of 988 individuals took part in all the initiatives organized within the project last year!

Give Together is fueled by individuals passionate about making a positive impact, happy to assist those in need, and eager to spread good energy. The numbers speak for themselves – many such individuals are in the company. Sabre Polska boasts a team of 1,200 individuals, and almost 1,000 of our colleagues were actively involved in internal aid initiatives last year. Moreover, we jointly gathered 38 thousand zloty, which we donated to charitable causes – says Katarzyna Niedzielska, Product Manager and one of the Give Together leaders at Sabre Polska. At Sabre, we can unite to pursue a common goal, especially when it is noble. This is our corporate superpower.

We’re not stopping there; preparation for Give Together 2024 is already underway. Along with our usual support for local groups in Krakow, we’ll join Sabre’s wider efforts starting this April, including actions like charity collections for shelters, eco-friendly garage sales linked to our sustainability initiatives, various courses and workshops, and much more.

Sabre empowers team members for good causes

For 17 years, Sabre Polska team members have joined forces through Give Together, providing assistance to thousands of individuals. To support grassroots initiatives, the company introduced four volunteering days per year, allowing them to contribute to any charitable action.

Volunteering by team members is more than an act of kindness; it’s an opportunity to cultivate connections, creating stronger interpersonal relationships and a collaborative atmosphere. This holds immense value, benefiting both those we help and ourselves – says Anna Stach, Director People Business Partner and Member of the Board at Sabre Polska. As a socially responsible company, we understand the need for coordinated efforts to provide genuine assistance. Therefore, we decided to give one day off each quarter for volunteering. Every year, we witness the positive outcomes of this initiative.

We contribute to shaping a better world by investing time, resources, and energy in volunteer initiatives. Our daily experiences confirm this; we believe it’s the most effective way. We want to thank all involved in our previous projects. Can’t wait for the next edition of exciting projects!