Results-driven lecturers, engaging classes, and the blend of theory with hands-on experience – just a few of the perks offered by Sabre Academy, as demonstrated once again to the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science students at AGH University of Science and Technology. Starting from the new semester, as part of the program conducted in cooperation between Sabre Polska and the university in Krakow, students will have the opportunity to meet experts from the company. They will gain insights into the latest trends in the industry and experience firsthand how working with cutting-edge technologies looks in practice.

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Navigating the right career path can be a significant challenge, especially in the ever-evolving world of technology, where constant and dynamic changes open up new development opportunities but also require continuous learning. Sabre experts are well aware of this – after all, their professional journey had a beginning, and it continues to unfold. It’s not without reason that they willingly share their knowledge and experience with students at the university through Sabre Academy. In a unique way, they enhance their ability to convey technological knowledge to young talents while also showcasing the company’s organisational culture and development opportunities.

Sabre Academy is addressed to students pursuing higher education in technological fields, aiming to empower them to apply their academic knowledge in a corporate environment. The classes, led by Sabre experts, prioritise practical insights, offering a glimpse into the everyday aspects of working in the industry. Participants in the program are allowed to explore the industry behind the scenes, as well as tackle real-world challenges and attempt to solve them under the guidance of industry experts. The specialists responsible for the program understand that such hands-on experience allows participants to thoroughly align their expectations with reality and discover the best career path for themselves. And what’s next? After successfully finishing the program, the top performers are offered the chance to join the Sabre team.

My journey with Sabre began almost ten years ago. At that time, I was a third-year applied computer science student, so I decided to join the Sabre Academy seminar. I was eager to gain practical insights into the IT world,  which was possible through this program. And it turned out to be a great decision – I realised that working in new technologies offers immense possibilities for growth. I was also impressed by the company’s business profile, so when I received the opportunity to apply for the Junior QA position at Sabre, I didn’t hesitate even for a while,” says Mariusz Kuras, Manager of Software Engineering at Sabre. – Various factors influenced the decision to join Sabre, but the genuine passion demonstrated by the company’s instructors in their work played a significant part in convincing me. The story they told about the software development process that supports the packing and balancing of aircraft, especially the practical aspects, particularly stuck in my memory. To gain a deeper understanding of the problem and create a unique solution to assist airlines in preparing for thousands of flights daily, they visited the airport and entered the aircraft’s cargo hold. That’s when I realised it was the right place for me. Even though almost a decade has passed since then, I still feel the same way. Hence, it’s my turn to inspire the next generations of young talents with my passion.

What skills can participants acquire?

During the summer semester of the Sabre Academy, AGH students will have the opportunity to take part in a course where they will learn about the latest trends and market requirements in the field of new technologies – it will revolves around ensuring quality in IT projects. As part of the subjects, students also visit Sabre’s office in Krakow’s Przedgórze,  immersing themselves in an international organisation’s atmosphere and witnessing the company’s strong and engaged community of professionals.

The partnership between the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science at AGH and Sabre Academy, as seen by academic lecturers and the students themselves, brings various benefits, states dr. inż. Bartłomiej Rachwał from AGH. First and foremost, it offers the opportunity to work with engaged and experienced industry experts. For me, as an academic lecturer, it provides the chance to stay abreast of current challenges, innovations, and best practices in the field of software development. For students, it mainly entails the opportunity to explore technologies that are difficult to incorporate within the framework of the existing curriculum.

The Sabre team as lecturers

Inspiring young technology enthusiasts to deepen their knowledge and explore creative solutions can only be accomplished by experienced, passionate practitioners.

– Sabre’s experts are eager to join corporate initiatives, both external and internal. Many of them get involved in the Sabre Academy program and collaborate with the university throughout the academic year, says Anna Micek, Talent Acquisition Lead.– This is part of our strategy. We know that the strength lies in young talents, so we focus on developing programs dedicated to them. Students join us not only through Sabre Academy but also take advantage of other development opportunities within the company, such as the summer internship program.

Here is a group of experts who will inspire Sabre Academy participants for self-development in the upcoming semester and in the future, contribute to the development of the entire industry:

•          Mikołaj Listwan

•          Paweł Charkowski

•          Maciej Targosz

•          Joanna Polek

•          Justyna Styś

•          Mariusz Kuras

•          Piotr Mirek

•          Kacper Wilim

•          Paweł Popiołek

•          Katarzyna Radkowska

Are we the only ones eagerly awaiting the first meeting?