The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu

Beginnings are not always easy, but they lead us to incredible journeys and experiences. Since I started working in University Relations and interacting with students, I’ve always reflected on those initial steps in my career.

Drawing inspiration from the quote by Lao Tzu, an internship marks the beginning of our career journey. These first moments undoubtedly evoke a range of emotions – joy, excitement, nervousness, perhaps a touch of fear – and all these feelings are understandable. We all experience the thrill of the unknown. In the early days of an internship or practice, in a new environment, we come across numerous things that are new to us: work-related tools, terminology, relationships, and even the simplest issues like navigating the building. 😉

That’s where we come in – the dream team ready to guide you in your new company. This is also why I love my job; we have the unique opportunity to be the first to meet interns, help them ease into a new company, and give them a special boost as they take their next steps with us. In just a few days, a new group of interns will join us – and we cannot wait. Working with young talents always brings innovation, open minds, result in flexible approaches to various topics, fresh perspectives on existing issues, and, most importantly, new, unique individuals joining the Sabre Polska team to #togethermaketravelhappen.

The summer internship period is not only an opportunity for young people but also an opportunity for us – together, we learn new things from each other. Interns share the latest university knowledge, brimming with ideas, boundless inspiring energy, and non-standard thinking.

I have always followed the principle that the only constant in my life is change. It has been quite a long time since my student days, but this principle has motivated me throughout all these years of working with students and interns to embrace all these exciting changes. I have learned a lot over the years, but nurturing one’s experience, adding new perspectives, and refreshing it play a crucial role. What seems clear to us may not be so for them in such a dynamically changing world. In such situations, it’s worth talking to each other, exchanging insights, and seeing things from a different angle – our talented interns support us here, and I am grateful for their openness.

A crucial part of interns’ exciting journey will be relationships. My entire journey has been shaped by fantastic people! Supportive family and friends, experienced experts, colleagues at work. Of course, not everything along the way has been so colourful. Still, I can’t forget a few outstanding supervisors who serve as great examples of how being a leader is an exceptionally challenging but amazing role. From my own experiences, I have come to understand that a good leader sets an example, motivates, and offers continuous support.  They inspire people to follow, run great projects, face challenges, and enjoy success in a good atmosphere.

I want to extend special thanks to our company’s leaders, buddies, and all employees who put a lot of energy, commitment, and passion into guiding our interns. This invaluable contribution to their professional growth does not go unnoticed. I am always touched by seeing these new relationships, and I am sure they will have a significant impact on the career paths of these young people. From my perspective, it is immensely gratifying to see their later successes.

Since joining Sabre Polska, I have recognised the importance of acknowledging interns in the organisation. I am glad that my company shares this belief, and the people I work with strongly support our internship program at every stage.

Dear interns! May this journey be exceptional, filled with joy, and fantastic experiences. All the best!