We invite you to read the second interview from the Coming Home series. We chat with Nikodem Jura, who left for beautiful Switzerland and, after returning to Poland, also returned to our organization. Nikodem shares his impressions, emotions and advice for those who consider taking a similar path.

  1. How does it feel returning home to Sabre Polska?
    It’s a very pleasant experience – it’s nice to meet people who I used to work with before. I keep meeting them online and personally when I’m in the office. It almost always ends up with a nice chat – like with old, friends you haven’t seen for a while. It makes you feel like you came back home from a long trip – which was true in my case. I left Sabre to experience leaving in beautiful Switzerland and traveling. After deciding to come back to Poland I started considering coming back to Sabre as well.
  2. What made you come back to the company?
    There are a couple of reasons. The main reason for me to come back to the Sabre was people. I joined a team led by a manager who I know well, there were other team members I used to have a pleasure to work with as well.
    There’s also a technical aspect that is aligned with my personal development goals. The project is brand new and based on a modern tech stack, including a cloud-native approach to application development. Last, but not least – I came back due to the reasons that make Sabre a great place to work.
  3. According to you, what makes Sabre Polska a great place to work?
    For me, one of the main reasons that make Sabre a great place to work has always been the work-life balance that Sabre offers. One of the crucial benefits for me is the working from home policy, which allows saving a lot of time for people like me, who live outside of Krakow (in fact, quite far away).
    Although the pandemic has changed the IT landscape and more companies offer that benefit now, Sabre has been one of the first who did that and even extended it with a new Working From Anywhere policy. There are other benefits important for me as well – a VIP healthcare package or life insurance. They are especially appreciated when you already have a family and need to think not only about yourself but also about your relatives.