• Sabre Poland Board members meet and hand over laptops to public schools in Poland attended by Ukrainian children.
  • Equipment will help further children’s education and support learning in a new country.
  • Sabre continues to support refugees from Ukraine.

Sabre Poland continues extending support for Ukrainians in the country to settle and integrate.

Recently, the company donated 50 laptops to select public schools in Poland that are admitting and educating Ukrainian children who have fled the country due to the ongoing war.

“The current situation has impacted Ukrainians especially the most vulnerable such as children. Many children have been forced to leave their homes and country in a hurry to be safe elsewhere. Restarting education and getting a brighter start is a big challenge for both children and teachers. The donation of 50 laptops is another action by Sabre to support those affected” – said Wojciech Gworek, Vice President of GPD Air Offers, Ancillary Offers and Offer Sourcing, and a Member of the Board of Sabre Poland.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Sabre has been actively organizing aid actions for Ukrainians. The company donated 1 million USD to the Polish Red Cross, which is one of the largest coordinators of aid for refugees seeking shelter in Poland. Together with the Women in Technology Poland association, workshops for Ukrainian women were organized in Sabre’s headquarters, allowing them to find job and other opportunities in IT.

Sabre Poland employees also created an internal tool that gather funds from team members from other parts of the company to help Ukrainian citizens staying in Poland. Moreover, through Sabre’s Give Together initiative, Sabre supported Bratnia Dusza Foundation, which distributes collected donations and funds to people in Ukraine and those displaced.