Have you ever wondered how to make a professional diagram, and which tools use for it? We could learn more about this during a lecture conducted by Katarzyna Radkowska (Principal Software Engineering), who has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. She started her lecture by remaining us of the main Agile manifesto and provided some arguments why it is so important to create technical documentation. She gave some tips on how we should document code, process, behaviors, etc. We found out more about applicable diagram types for different IT areas. A very interesting part of the lecture was the numerous examples provided.

Our speaker listed some important rules that should be followed when creating diagrams, which will make diagrams clear and understandable. It is worth following the universal principle: “Do not document everything just the most important things”.

At the end of the lecture, Kasia presented the most common tools that are used to create diagrams. This topic aroused great interest among the participants who asked additional questions after the lecture.

We would like to say “Many Thanks!” to Ola Kramarz-Sarot, who coordinated the whole event.

For the first time, more men than women participated in WIT event.