Everyone who had a chance to attend Diversity and Inclusion Day organized by Sabre Polska on May 21st, 2021 probably already knows that diversity is a fact.

There is no denying we are different in so many ways, we come from various backgrounds, cultures, and countries. We each carry life baggage unique to our life story and we see the world through lenses of our personal experiences.

The great insight was shared over the Kick-Off presentation, that “Diversity is only part of the equation…”. What is crucial is the actionable component:

How do you react when you face diversity?

It is inevitable that you encountered diverse individuals at some point in your life, be it professional and/or personal: people who look different, think different, feel different, believe different, speak differently, etc.

Probably, it is not the “different” that made you uncomfortable. It is most likely the “unknown different” that made you raise your guard a bit higher at first. Anything that happens after this initial defense reaction is in fact, a choice. Your choice if you are going to be:

Inclusive or dismissive.

Over the course of numerous events during the Diversity and Inclusion Day our team members could learn why the first option – inclusiveness is a path that not only could benefit you as an individual but also your team and organization as a whole. They learned why surrounding yourself with people who are very much alike is comfortable but drives little innovation and sparks less fruitful discussions, and thus slows down business growth in the rapidly changing marketplace.