The 2021 IT Workplace of Tomorrow conference held on October 26 and 27 invited experts to share insights on evolving trends, challenges, and solutions in the industry and what it means for companies globally. Let’s Manage IT Foundation and Sabre Poland sponsored the event   The conference aimed to bring expert viewpoints, experiences, and knowledge, and leaders from IT companies discussed developments needed to mature into a strong IT workplace of the future.   With the pandemic and the tough macroeconomic environment changes in the work hindered many companies, not only those operating in the IT industry. By recognizing trends, organizations can be nimble and react swiftly to changes and stay ahead of the game, felt Michał Winkler – Senior Director, Software Engineering at Sabre Poland. Many organizations had to implement new tools and systems and take care of cybersecurity concerns. Those who invested in such interventions were better equipped to cope in the future.     The full version of the article is available here in Polish