What might be the best option to learn if not by practice? Participation in real projects, cooperation with a team of more experienced colleagues, building the real product – it’s what our Sabre Poland internship program was. This year we have decided to expand this experience. Internship Academy is a series of lectures prepared by Sabre’s experts for our youngest team members. Twenty-one meetings planned till the end of September are covering different areas. There are some specific Sabre-oriented during which interns will get familiar with our travel market and operating on it, products, and customers’ needs. The other path is technology. From performance engineering, through site reliability, enterprise architecture, to cooperation with Google Cloud and Artificial Intelligence – those are some of the topis prepared for future engineers and software developers. Or maybe our students will think about slightly different careers? What’s the difference between QA and tester, what tech product manager must be good at, and what business analytic is doing? We will present some roles in our organization showing at the same time the complexity of the modern IT company. The last group of lectures will be product-focused – starting the lean start-up methodology and MVP concepts, and diving into more detailed ideas like Design Thinking, lean canvas, and hypothesis-driven development. In addition to the main topics, we will provide some introduction to Agile and Software Development Lifecycle and present our Innovation Lab. We hope that our interns will gain valuable info about the IT industry, product development, and Sabre, most of all. A lot of learning ahead of them, but we will try to make it an interesting and valuable experience. And of course, we will also take care of some entertainment. Be sure to follow our social media channels if you want to find out more, listen to or read the statements of our interns and see their photos. There is much more to come!