Grzegorz Wojciechowski serves as the Principal Technical Product Manager at Sabre Poland. In the first episode of My Sabre Polska Experience, Grzegorz shares his experiences of working for over 10 years with the company. He never planned it so how has that happened?

When I was a student, I had a friend, who worked in one of the famous Polish companies for years and we made fun of him that he stuck there for life! I never planned to follow his path but now I’m with Sabre (my first employer) in my 11th year!

How has that happened? I had over a decade to think about it and my conclusion is that Sabre is like a job marketplace. Even though it’s one company on paper the teams work on very different products (travel is quite a broad industry) and they work differently (sharing company-wide standards). Sabre gives you a chance not only to learn an entirely new branch of travel when you move around teams (or entire new technology if you are heading toward platform teams) but also to experience different practices of product management and development.

Sabre also gives a chance to change the role which adds another dimension to the variability of work. Even if there were times when I was wondering what to do next, I was able to change the team, get new challenges which had an incredible impact not just on my professional career but also on life in general.