In today’s workplace, a company’s travel program has a massive impact on its bottom line as well as on its culture, hiring and retention. Sabre and Rocketrip have a shared goal of improving the business travel experience for employees by rewarding their cost-saving behavior and allowing employees to reinvest their savings toward what matters most to them: a family vacation, a child’s tuition, a home remodel and more. Advancing that vision, Sabre’s GetThere and Rocketrip recently announced a first-ever, fully integrated solution, providing GetThere customers with out-of-the-box access to Rocketrip without the need to deploy any new technology to employees. “GetThere is an essential tool in Sabre’s corporate solutions portfolio, and given Rocketrip’s track record of success in the enterprise space, we’re thrilled to integrate their solution into GetThere,” said Andy Finkelstein, senior vice president of global accounts at Sabre Travel Network. “By making Rocketrip more accessible to GetThere customers, Sabre is able to offer a powerful tool that engages employees and improves traveler satisfaction while reducing overall client spend.” With their collaboration, the two companies have elevated the business traveler’s experience while helping travel, finance, and HR teams meet their business goals. By leveraging the Rocketrip reward platform, GetThere customers are able to motivate and reward employees who go above and beyond to save money on flights, hotels, trains and rental cars. Rocketrip consistently saves its customers 20-30% on travel costs. “This is the next step in deepening our partnership integration with GetThere and ensuring that Rocketrip’s value is readily accessible to GetThere customers, regardless of the travel management company they currently employ. There’s a lot more to come,” said Dan Ruch, CEO at Rocketrip. “We are very excited to offer GetThere customers a new, more streamlined pathway to access Rocketrip that we haven’t previously made available through our other partners.”