If there’s one thing we’ve learned as we plan, implement and expand on our NDC solutions and capabilities over the past couple years, it’s that we can’t do it alone. Delivering NDC-enabled retailing, distribution and fulfillment solutions requires input and collaboration from players across the travel ecosystem. Thankfully for Sabre, partnering to create a win-win-win for the entire ecosystem has been part of our strategy from the start. In Chapter 5 of our NDC eBook “NDC to the Power of Sabre,” we interviewed five partners from our Beyond NDC program to highlight their unique perspectives. Hear directly from IATA NDC leaderboard airlines and leading global agencies about their approach and preparation for NDC, and how Sabre is partnering to make that a reality in the near future. We uncovered several themes during our conversations that helped us see that we’ve all been going through the same steep learning curve during the past few years and have similar needs for scalable solutions that support the hybrid content world. Some see NDC as an evolution of what they’ve been working toward for years, and others see it as an opportunity to remove pain points of the past. Ultimately, we all agree that there are no siloed solutions for NDC. It will take all players in the travel industry working together to achieve the success NDC is poised to deliver. In this chapter, you will hear how American Airlines and BCD evolved their organizations to prepare for this change.  Learn how Carlson Wagonlit and Singapore Airlines are approaching conversations around scalability head on. Finally, understand how Finnair sees NDC as an opportunity to correct pain points from the past. Take a few minutes to read about it from our partners, Q&A style, in their own words:
  1. Neil Geurin, American Airlines, “An NDC evolution, not a revolution”
  2. Blaine Stanga, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, “Leaning in to develop scalable NDC solutions”
  3. Charlene Wee, Singapore Airlines, “Partnering to drive NDC scale”
  4. Thane Jackson, BCD Travel, “NDC implementation begins with education”
  5. Kalle Immonen and Tarja Koski, Finnair, “Removing pain points of the past”
The power of partnership is what accelerates our Beyond NDC Strategy and brings NDC to life. How is your organization collaborating to drive NDC success? Download the ebook now. Hear more from our customers:
Learn more about our NDC solutions: Visit our Beyond NDC website.