Air India, Hawaiian Airlines, IAG, Virgin Australia – these are some recent names where Sabre Corporation has been on-boarded for technology work, specially for NDC areas. As a software & technology solutions company that powers the worldwide travel industry, Sabre’s focus has been on Tech Transformation in Aviation, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality. That takes us to Sriram Gopalswamy, VP and MD-Site Reliability Engineering Sabre Bengaluru, to help us understand some new contours here. He draws a good aerial view of where the industry took from and where it is heading-with the engines of AI, distribution disruptions, ONDC and personalization.

AI is in the air. With Upgrade IQ, Air Price IQ, Lodging Al, Sabre also seems to be on this new tech itinerary. How deep and important is AI as a co-pilot now?

We have deepened a lot of efforts in this area resulting in powerful solutions. We have been working with Google as a tech partner in building modern travel AI platforms. It’s a big jump towards personalisation. We are also looking at distribution in a new way. Our approach is to make AI a core element in key product offerings. There is a great adoption of the technology we are building and offering.

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This interaction with Sriram Gopalswamy appeared in the print edition (VOL XL No 2 | February 2024) of the Dataquest Magazine.