Today’s travellers demand personalization; they like to be understood and catered to. According to a study conducted by McKinsey, 71% customers expect personalized interactions from any business that they engage with. Businesses are today finding it challenging to manage the level of personalization, they currently offer at a segment level, as customer expectations have far surpassed that. Hyper-personalization – as the name suggests, is a form of marketing that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) in conjunction with real-time data to create customer-specific and highly granular products, services, or content.

The travel industry needs to implement hyper-personalization by utilizing the customer enaggement platforms available in the market – like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) platforms for instance. These platforms leverage Big Data to facilitate highly customized one-to-one interactions between customers and the business. While choosing the right platform, it’s important to ask – is it scalable? Scalability is a critical aspect in the travel industry, especially considering seasonal variations.

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This article written by Sudindar Rao was published on Tourism Quest.