Employees who feel a strong sense of connection with an organisation’s culture exhibit remarkable outcomes. Gallup’s research shows that they are:

  • 3.7 times more likely to be engaged,
  • 37% more likely to contribute consistently,
  • 5.2 times more inclined to recommend the workplace,
  • 55% less prone to actively seek alternative job opportunities.

But how many individuals feel truly connected to their work in today’s demanding talent marketplace?

Merely four out of ten individuals strongly agree with the notion that their role feels significant to the mission and purpose of the organisation.

“What if eight out of ten employees felt aligned instead of four of ten? It would have a profound implication on a company’s bottom line,” noted Rohit Khar, Regional Director, Gallup, addressing a webinar on “Thriving in the New World of Work – Insights from Gallup’s Research” in partnership with People Matters.

The expert panel also included Akash Chauhan, Head of HR, Chaayos, Rency Mathew, People Leader, India & South Asia, Sabre, and Adhir Mane, CHRO – Corporate, Raymond Limited.

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This panel discussion featuring Rency Mathew and other leaders, was hosted by People Matters.