In February 2017, YPC representatives from 11 different offices (DFW, Bangalore, Krakow, London, Singapore, China, Mexico, Brazil, Montevideo, Argentina, and South Africa) met in Sabre headquarters to attend the Global Young Professionals Council (YPC) summit. Young Professionals Council (YPC) is an employee group whose mission is to develop the future leaders of Sabre by connecting young professionals globally with networking, mentorship and leadership opportunities.

During this three-day working session, YPC leaders discussed 2016 achievements and challenges, and shared plans for 2017. YPC leaders met with Sabre executives to summarize last year’s successes and share their ideas for the current year regarding how to better support our organization and Sabre employees through a ”bottom–up” approach.

The main value of this summit is that many passionate, energetic and engaged people could meet in one place, work together, exchange experiences and have fun during after-hour activities.


More details on Global YPC can be found at the following link:

By Mariusz Radosz