In this episode of Soaring with Sabre, we chat with Pawel Poniewierski. He told about his journey in Sabre Polska and shared his advice for team members who want to change their roles internally.

  1. In your journey with Sabre for over 7 years you have changed business units and roles, which is very inspiring. Tell us how was the experience?

    I’ve changed roles 3 times and with the last one, I’ve also changed the business unit.

    My adventure with Sabre started in Sabre technical Support back in 2014. As I had a technical background and knew the internal used iCRM tool after one year I moved to the newly created Online Customer Support that finally grew to today’s API Support in which we were helping customers develop their business on our REST and SOPE API’s. In 2018 I decided to change my patch more to the technology initiatives and applied for a role of a Technical Product Manager in IntelliSell where I’m to this day.
  2. What motivates you to look at different roles as you progressed in your career?

    Working directly with the customers and their issues with our web services and APIs I wanted to be a part of the development process and the technology initiatives, I wanted to be a part of the creation of the service to be able to suggest changes and improvements in the development process.
  3. How would You advice people who want to consider internal moves like you have done?

    At first glance, it might be a bit scary and unknown as you will move to a totally different environment that needs a new field of expertise. You will need to collect knowledge mostly from the beginning and reorganize your workflow from scratch. But if you are decided and want to follow your idea it is something that everybody needs to embrace. It might be hard, especially at the beginning but with good and focused approach anything can be achieved.
  4. What has been your biggest learning as you worked through different business teams?

    Coming from a technical background my people communication and relationship skills were poor. Working in the Support up to Technology unit I was able to improve that significantly, connecting and knowing the position from the developer, PM, and upper management up to the end-user/customer.
  5. What’s the best part of Sabre that you like?

    Simply – People. I was able to meet great personalities with passion and enormous knowledge which they were sharing willingly and helped in many thought cases I crossed into.